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Xyngular The Review – Will Former XanGo Top Executive Marc Walker Take Xyngular To The Top?

What Is Xyngular?

Ex-XanGo chief management officer Mark Walker founded his own company named Xyngular, headquartered in American Fork, Utah, on 1 December 2009. Mark was one of the forces behind the increasement of the XanGo international sales by 500% in approximately 4 years. The flagship and at this moment still the only product is the Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend which gives the human body all the protection it needs. Basically the Global Blend is a juice drink with strong antioxidant and body balancing qualities, including polyphenols, anthrocyanins and phyto-nutrients.

This is the ingredient list that is to be found on their official website:

Acai Fruit (Açaí Euterpe Oleracea), Amla Fruit Extract, Apple Concentrate, Bilberry (Wild Bilberry Extract), Blackberry, Blueberry, Cysteine (L Cysteine), Cherry (Tart Cherry Extract), Cranberry Extract, Eleuthero Root, Extramel Melon Extract, Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root Extract), Glutamic Acid (L Glutamic Acid), Glycine, Goji Berry (Lycium Chinense), Grape Seed Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Green Tea, Noni Fruit (Morinda Citrifolia), Pear Juice, Plums (Sugar Plum Extract), Raspberry Seed Extract, Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides), Strawberry Extract and White Tea (Camelia Sinensis).

xyngularThey claim to have a better tasting product than any other super juice on the market and maybe that’s true, but the thing that makes the Global Blend doubtful is the price. One bottle costs $34.95, 1 case (4 bottles) costs $132.00, 2 cases cost $264.00, 3 cases cost $369.00. This is almost as high as the XanGo juice which has a price of $37.50 per bottle. Start up cost for a business owner in XanGo is approximately $35 while signing up for Xyngular will only cost you a membership fee of $19.95. There’s some difference to be found, but still, they are both very expensive and therefore I wouldn’t say that Xyngular is very revolutionary. But there must be something special about Xyngular, otherwise Mark wouldn’t have started the company… The biggest difference is to be found in the compensation plan.

The Xyngular Compensation Plan

Xyngular has combined the best aspects of the XanGo unilevel plan with some new elements which should make it attractive for people to join this ground floor opportunity. There are five ways to get paid with the Xyngular compensation plan:

1) Retail Profits: buy the product at wholesale and sell them at retail prices.

2) Residual Earnings: a unilevel plan similar to the XanGo unilevel plan, but paid out on only 8 instead of 9 levels.

3) Four levels of Rapid Rewards: similar to XanGo’s Powerstart, every time you enrol a new distributor you receive a bonus on his or her first order. The difference in Xyngular is that the bonus gets calculated on the order of the first day of the next calendar month.

4) Quick Start Bonuses: another fast start bonus is the Quick Start. If you order for 120 PV of products and 4 other people in your organisation manage to do the same within your first 30 days in the business, you will earn an additional $100.

5) 12% Corporate Sales Pools for Leaders: 12 different leadership pools each paying out 1% of the company’s monthly volume depending on their levels of qualification. The larger the monthly volumes get, the more profit pools each of the leaders will be qualified to participate in.

Of course there is a minimal monthly autoship required in order to be eligible for commissions, which is less in volume than what is required in XanGo. The Xyngular compensation plan offers a 54% total pay out while the XanGo plan has a 47% pay out + a 3% bonus for Premiers.

Conclusion: Is Xyngular a copycat of XanGo?

Yes and no. Xyngular looks for 90% the same as XanGo. The products are very expensive, the unilevel plan is limited and the compensation plan is mainly constructed to push the sales numbers. No in the way that there are no high positioned leaders who run away with the biggest profits, which happens in XanGo.

The question you could ask yourself is: should I consider joining Xyngular? Xyngular is a very young direct selling company and 90% of those companies don’t survive the first 5 years of business. My biggest worry is that Xyngular will be just filling some holes in the market. We will make up the balance within a few years, but at this moment I eager to say that it will be a negative one. But if you do consider joining Xyngular, keep in mind that although they have a good product, the competition will be hard.

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