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Why You Need To Be Creative In Internet Marketing

This blog post which focuses on why you need to be creative in internet marketing is inspired by all the people who have been stealing my training videos on YouTube. (don’t be proud of being my inspiration now :lol:)  I don’t hold a grudge against those people, but I simply want to explain why they shouldn’t have to do this in order to be successful online.

Be Creative In Internet Marketing

In this blog post I have enlisted some major problems that you will face if you’re not creative in online marketing. Here’s how an internet based business works… people look for products and services from businesses or business owners that they trust and on which they can rely on. If you fail to deliver these things… well, you’ll get the picture…

From An SEO-Perspective

From an SEO-perspective search engines like Google will notice that your content isn’t unique. Therefore they will know that you aren’t the original author and your ranking for that specific topic will be low. Google loves unique content. If you keep copying content and pasting it on your website for instance, you will eventually have a website with 1. no traffic and 2. no authority.

If you copy-paste content from other sources, most people will notice that you aren’t the actual author. We all have our own style of speaking and writing, ways of using abbreviations and also our own targeted audience. I use words like “however”, “nevertheless” and “actually” all the time when I’m writing or speaking. I bet that some people can even identify my articles based on layout and usage of particular words.

And what if someone actually asks for advice after checking out your content? And you aren’t even able to give a decent answer? Trust me, people aren’t stupid so they will notice. So it’s not only about being creative in internet marketing, you also need to provide value and genuine content.

Learn How To Brand Yourself

If you ‘re stealing other people’s content and the content is obviously not yours (for instance a video in which someone else is speaking), you’re not branding yourself. The whole idea of having a home based business is working for yourself rather than for somebody else. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like internet marketing coaching products for instance. I prefer to work with people who genuinely want to become better.

An Example Of Not Being Creative In Internet Marketing

Let’s say that you steal a YouTube video, but it’s obvious that it’s not yours. First of all, many people will not see you as the authority on the particular subject. (why would you be? you copied it, didn’t create it). Secondly, YouTube is going to put the original video that has more views on the right-hand side. You might think that this doesn’t matter because people seem to be lazy by nature…. well, think again… the fact that the original video has more views means that it simply HAS MORE AUTHORITHY. One of my training videos already has over 10,000 views on YouTube. When people see it on someone else’s channel, but this one only has 50 views, they will instinctively click on mine on the right-hand side. Maybe you’re asking yourself why now? Well, people rather talk to people who know what they are talking about. Now even with all the advantages that stealing my YouTube videos can actually give me, I still ask YouTube to oblige thieves to take them down whenever I see them popping up. It’s just not nice to steal other people’s work and it certainly doesn’t make you a professional or popular.

Bottom Line: If You Steal Content, You Aren’t Creative In Internet Marketing

Online marketing and advertising is all about standing out. You probably understand now that copying stuff certainly doesn’t make you stand out. Here are a few rules that you can follow to be creative in online marketing:

  • make sure that the design of your marketing tools (websites, banners…) is attractive and preferably also unique
  • deliver your message immediately, you need to get the person’s attention right from the start
  • be honest because many people simply aren’t, honest people are more attractive than you think

Maybe you’re thinking that all of these tips sound good in theory, but how the hell do you get started? That’s exactly the main reason why some people just copy-paste content. It’s easier to download a video than to actually create something that offers value themselves. So my advice is: just get started and see what works and what doesn’t. Make a list of all the things that you want to learn in order to get creative in internet marketing and see where it takes you.