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Why I Don’t Like Internet Marketing Coaching Products

In this blog post I share the reasons why I personally don’t like internet marketing coaching products. The main reason for this blog post is the launch of yet another hype-driven affiliate marketing product called Futuristic Marketing. Futuristic Marketing is an internet course created by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson that’s currently being marketed by many affiliate marketers. This internet marketing coaching course uses several typical catchphrases, like this one: I have never produced or seen anything like what you’re going to have access to inside “Futuristic Marketing Program”. Come on, these guys create these type of courses for a living. Sometimes it really hurts me to see what’s going on in this industry, but let’s not jump into conclusions.

The same old sales talk that is being used by most internet marketing coaching products…

  • Be an early adaptor…
  • You will benefit the most if you get in fast…
  • Staggering grand opening only discount…

Simply put: a lot of exaggeration and they know it.

Futuristic Marketing tells you that their program has a total value of $37,078 while they offer it for $495, which is still a ridiculously high price. Imagine how much these guys make if they sell 10,000 copies and trust me on this, they will sell a lot more. The amount of work they have to put in to teach 10 or 10,000 people is just the same. If I was an internet marketing newbie, I would maybe buy it for $100. The question that I personally ask myself here when internet marketing coaching products launch is what I will get out of it versus is this really worth my money? In 95% of the cases I would feel like stealing people’s money when I was promoting internet marketing coaching products. Futuristic Marketing is also using some of the typical internet marketing lies that we all know about.

Futuristic Marketing Is One Of Those Internet Marketing Coaching Products, But More Advanced

Please don’t get me wrong here. Futuristic Marketing is NOT a BAD product. Courses like Futuristic Marketing will certainly teach you new online marketing strategies. My point is that no matter what they say, you don’t have to pay so much money to learn these strategies. I, for instance, share almost everything that you need to know about online marketing on my blog and this totally free. My advice is to always think twice before you hand over your money. I also bought several affiliate marketing products in the past that were basically worthless.

However, it’s not because I don’t need internet marketing coaching products that they wouldn’t help you. Some people who buy Futuristic Marketing will never really get started. Other people will give it a try, but will quit because they didn’t become a millionaire overnight. The third category of people will make more money than ever before. Bottom line: this course will not change who you are and it won’t make you successful just because you paid for it.

Why Am I Not Promoting Internet Marketing Coaching Products?

If you decide to actively promote internet marketing coaching products, you also have to realize that this much more about selling. Most affiliate marketers will tell you that these kind of products generate an additional income stream for them, but that it’s not their biggest income stream. The truth is that in many cases these people don’t even have a huge residual income stream. Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending their time on promoting coaching courses. They would be spending time on actually helping people to earn a residual paycheck. Ask yourself what you prefer: a growing income stream for life or one-time commissions by selling internet marketing coaching products? Anyway, as an affiliate of courses like Futuristic Marketing, you will also benefit from the training. So it could be a win-win situation for you personally.

It’s great to see the creators of these types of affiliate marketing programs being successful and I always wish them all the best. In this overview I have enlisted some of my arguments for not promoting these internet marketing coaching products, but like I stated before, you have to decide for yourself if something is worth it or not.