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Wazzub Review – The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join Wazzub

In this Wazzub review you will learn a little bit more about the company and the opportunity to make money with Wazzub. Wazzub is an internet company that includes a search engine service (like Google and Yahoo) and an income opportunity that will launch on April 1, 2012. That’s exactly the day when the search engine will go live and people will be able to make money with it.

Wazzub Review: A Revenue Sharing Company

Wazzub shares 50% of its profit with its members, which is not a lot compared to the enormous potential of profit sharing. It’s true that companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Google keep all the profit for themselves, but if Wazzub wants to make a big mark and create a huge following they will have to increase the sharing to at least 80%. Wazzub members are getting paid $1 per referral who uses the search engine per month and this 5 levels deep. It’s a simple maths exercise: if you have 1,000 people in your downline, you will earn $1,000 per month. Reality shows that many people can’t even recruit people for these free deals, let alone that they have to build at team of thousands of people to make a serious income. (think about Swagbucks, Peoplestring…) Moreover, Wazzub will have to earn billions of monthly revenue to pay out millions of members, which is statistically impossible.

Wazzub Review: The Invitation Splash Page Advertises Wazzub Like This:

Example: If you invite just 5 people to join for free and they do the same 5 generations deep, you could earn about $4,000 every month PASSIVELY for life, doing NOTHING different than you already do everyday.

The world’s first PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON is going VIRAL! –> I don’t mean to attack this company, but that’s a lie. Profit sharing is huge nowadays and many online companies are already doing it.

“What if”, “could earn”, “doing nothing different that you already do everyday”… you get the picture… please tell me what the cash flow is like… there is no real cash flow. When I review an opportunity I look at how much I will get in return on my investment. You too want to be sure of making money right?

Wazzub is creating a huge buzz and they are hoping attract as many users as possible so in that way advertisers will likely spend money on the advertising platform. So what do many early adopters do then? They start promoting Wazzub on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Getting paid for surfing the web sounds great, but reality shows that many similar websites failed to deliver. Home Page Pays is another well-known company that is doing the same, but in the end… you always have to be a top recruiter to become financially free.

Some people who are marketing Wazzub are calling it a “breakthrough product”, “has not been done before”, “patented technology”… The truth is: it has been tried so many times before… this one will certainly not make the difference.

The main reason is mostly because they fail to find enough users. You need enough users to generate customers for the advertisers, so when there aren’t any users who purchase products or services, there simply is nobody to advertise to! Therefore the payout of these programs is peanuts and it’s obvious that Wazzub will never deliver their promises.

Wazzub Review: Don’t Waste Your Time On This One

You really can’t afford wasting time and energy on something like this. I’m sure that everyone is able sign up some free Wazzub members, but there will never be enough users to make it profitable.

  • rudi verhelst

    kheb respect voor uw mening….maar toch geloof ik in de slaagkans van wazzub
    Het kost niks, dus kan het geen kwaad doen, ik heb al heeeeeeel veeeeeel veeeeeeeeeelbelovende MLM-firma’s meegedaan, en dat was ook een slag in het water,
    grtjs, Rudi

    • ssekisasi deo

      this man has a very good idea to help us the people.we are also taking it higher to make our selves a better lifestyle. thank you for the idea..

      • Mark Mifsud

        That doesn’t remove the mountain of evidence against WAZZUB being a scam. They are just too many. We discover new ones every day.

        If you were wise you would listen to both sides and trust WAZZUB less. They are making promises that are too good to be true so if anyone should be doubted, it is them, not the scam screamers.

        And if you do listen to both sides in an unbiased manner like I did you will realize quickly that wazzub is a dangerous scam. I did the research myself and it is Super evident to me that WAZZUB is a huge lie. Most people joining WAZZUB today will be regretting it sooner than you think.

      • Mark Mifsud

        What you have copied there shows exactly why WAZZUB should not be trusted.

        If you add more people to your “family” you will get a bigger percentage of the profit. However, the more people join, the smaller that percentage will be.

        Think of it this way: If there are 5million to be shared and WAZZUB only had 5 member then each member would receive 1 million. I am assuming they will receive an equal sum to keep the maths simple.

        But if a 6th person is added every person is making only $833,333
        If 5 million members join they only make $1 each.

        So if you don’t invite people you won’t make money and the more people are invited the less everyone will earn.

        Also, I have already proven using real numbers that if WAZZUB gave 50% of profits it would go bankrupt in a few months, even if it were to earn as much as Facebook did.

        WAZZUB is a lie. Stop believing their shit and get a life.

        • juma

          its the true things that your are trying to portray over us. this company is seemed to be lie rather than provision opportunistic to internet users. thank you for your advice

      • Mark Mifsud

        That’s an interesting experiment you did. :) With even more interesting conclusion too. I so much wish this was a real business at times because if it is, the WAZZUB time are so stupid that it would be great fun to see them sink their own ship after having made a sensational idol out of it.

        Nobody can make any real money with that system even if it was true.

        They tell you that the more people you have under you, the more percentage you will get from half their profits.

        However, they NEVER admit that THE MORE PEOPLE ADDED, THE LESS THAT PERCENTAGE WILL BE for everyone.

    • Sanesuresh

      Mark Mifsud & Jens Holvoet, The numbers don’t add up nor will wazzub make any sense for you both because both of you are S………..d and trying to act smart to show off that you all know everything. In reality you don’t know shit. You will both be on the WAZZUB wall of Shame for sure.

      The above 2 Guys are just loosers in life with insecurities.

      Guys don’t believe no body but the truth and here is the truth; http://www.statscrop.com/www/wazzub.com

      • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

        Sanesuresh, you have just proven how little you know about online marketing: http://www.statscrop.com/www/facebook.com. And do people really believe that all those new users will join after the launch… when they know that they won’t make a dime because they won’t get paid for it?

        • Gbenga

          Jens, i am in Nigeria (Africa) and i have been searching on the internet on the possible, and of course, legitimate, ways to make money online. Please, is there any way u can be of help? thank u

      • http://www.facebook.com/WazzubKITA Wazzub KITA

        Wazzub HAS money. Otherwise, why they could get 4,5 millions member who don’t gives any pennies to join. Do you think a company like you have could manage that? If you think you are more success than Wazzub, then show what you are doing! Instead of promoting after satisfied crooking other names of business, you better make a better slogan!

        • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

          “Otherwise, why they could get 4,5 millions member who don’t gives any pennies to join.” lol you’re a member and you don’t even understand how it works yourself, this is how the concept works: they let people join for free, which gives them potential customers to advertise too, then the more users they have, the more advertisers will be willing to spend money on advertising and the more money wazzub (will) make(s)

    • Onyema Peters

      Pls Andrew will surely like to know some of these biz ideas u can’t post here.
      I hope u will have time to email me pls.

  • Gerry Roberts

    [Quote]No they will not pay. EVER! They cannot realistically make $1 per member in the first 3 years. They are only stealing e-mail addresses so that they can spam your inbox with adverts.

    What a load of twaddle you talk..lol

    Never seen so much (know all BS) as ive just read in your
    ( profoundly i’ll make it up statements)…

    Why would WAZZUB let you know what the business platform is completely
    before launch,then you could replicate in a smaller way and start earning now .. get real..is that what your problem is Mark ? a hidden agenda ?

    You sir are a what is called a (know nothing i’ll make it up scaremonger) and nothing else..

    Email addresses are taken everywhere on the internet even on this forum..

    so stop the BS and give WAZZUB the chance it deserves ,there is nothing at alll to lose,nothing is being spent by members or asked for..

    So please stop dribbling on Mark about something you know nothing of.
    but will know of soon at launch.

    Gerry Roberts

      • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

        please stop commenting on my blog if you are only here to use such language, I assume you are a grown up, thank you

  • Jim

    Their Facebook account is blocked. You cannot reach them. I’ve recruited over 300 members (not friends) just to see what will happen. Hotmail blocks their e-mails! So 80% of members will not be verified. 9 April I just will only have about 60 accepted members.

    Seems to be a big joke to me and I don’t aspect to see a penny! ;-)

    • Mark Mifsud

      Also, set aside your prejudice for a minute and check for yourself if their estimated $1 per person in a downline is even realistic. You will find that it can never be.

      Let’s say they make as much money as facebook did in 2011 from advertising (it’s 7th year in existence so of course wazzub won’t manage that, but let’s just assume). So they would make 3.8 billion right?

      Wrong! 12% of Facebook’s earnings was from the Zynga games alone. See! FB doesn’t just make money from ads. They make money from apps, from selling shares and from licensing of their patents. But let’s just say that WAZZUB does an impossible 3.8 billion the first year.

      Let’s say they only get 3 million members by April 9th and then they manage to get the 700 Million that facebook has after that ( this is inconceivable but let’s assume it anyway, because how else would they make money from ads unless they have users viewing them).

      So you need to divide 3.8 billion by 3 million and you see that IF they gave away 100% of their earnings to pre-launch members they would only be giving an average of $1266.66 to each individual. THIS IS PER YEAR!!!

      Instead they are advertising incomes as high as $4000 PER MONTH. Not even Facebook or Google could give away that kind of money.

      I’ve given you an overly optimistic figure and I’ve shown you that WAZZUB are just feeding you bullshit. Do you still want to believe them.

      Listen to me! Do NOT EVEN go to their site. Change e-mail address and don’t send anyone there. You have no idea how easily open to scammers you will be once you’re on WAZZUB… it will be a safe haven for scammers.

      A community of hopeful idiots who actually believe you can make easy money on the internet and it’s a community of people that think there’s no danger in simply joining. Hopeful idiots that can’t even do some simple fact finding, all in one place. It is just what scammers want.

      STAY OUT OF WAZZUP, you’ll thank yourself for it.

  • Nnabuihe vida

    Please oo,am confuse and lost here,i’am about joining them now befor i saw wat u guys wrote.pls should i go ahead with it?

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Do not waste your time on this one, that’s my only advice.

  • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

    Very true Tina, a company that claims that they want to grow bigger than google should at least create splash pages without spelling errors.

  • http://balloon789.blogspot.com Paul Smith

    Wazzub is going live on april the 9th and then the door,s are closed forever,,,

    Google have been making billion,s for year,s and never have they given back anything to the public,,, They make one billion a month ,, not bad so if Wazzub made a 100 million it would have 50 million between roughly 2 million member,s and don,t forget the door,s are closed to those after april the 9th,, So if they go world wide the people that are apart of Wazzub will at least maybe be part of this new Google,,,

    Facebook are making billion,s now so don,t see why Wazzub can,t do the same with the public,s backing,,,

    If they pay $0:10 to $0:20 on the dollar at least it,s something,,,,

    Reply to comment made : If you pay peanut,s you get Monkey,s at least wait till april the 9th before commenting as it,s FREE,,,,

    If you read the blog ,, all the answer,s are there ,,, as when they launch april they are having a new Name ,,

    If it doesen,t deliver ,, well we only parted with a few email,s and some time ,,but if it,s real well the door,s will be closed after april the 9th and i can,t wait to see the look on people,s face,s when and only when they go live April the 9th,,,

  • http://yahoo.com Ayeni Olusola.t

    I see no reason why u ppl can’t certified with all wot the contributors from every walks of life have said about new organizing body call themselv a WAZZUB pls let us keep off bcoz its not easy for any company to pay out 50percent to over 2millions users of their website and the same time agreed to cart away 50percent as their shares! Statistically the calculation might be a wrong one.My listeners pls beware of 419 ppl because they’ve nothing to offer u than to add more to ppls problem! Wait 4ur turn God’s time is the best….just got it???

  • http://www.wazzub.com Suresh

    Jens Holvoet must be brain dead now after reading the above two post




    That’s what happens to people who think they know everything when in actual fact they dont.

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      You don’t have a clue Suresh, a high Alexa rank means that they are getting traffic which is pretty normal when you have 2 million members who visit the website almost daily. It has nothing to do with the value of the company.

  • Sovereign

    I refuse to agree with the argument of Mr Mark Mifsud, he is entitled to his opinion anyway. I was online on a forum at about 3am on February 1 when I saw a post about wazzub I immediately joined it because when I read it I knew that I have nothing to lose. Today I have recruited 114 people in my first generation and more than 100 of these people are people I do not know and may never meet. I used Google translate to translate an email to Portuguese and I was able to persuade someone in Brazil to join wazzub. I have used Spanish to persuade people in Argentina to join wazzub. I have entered forums and chat rooms and I have convinced people in Kuwait, Egypt, China and South Africa to join wazzub. These are countries I have never been to but I have convinced people there to join wazzub. Before I joined wazzub on February 1, 2012 I used to ignore emails I receive from advance fee fraudsters operating all over the world, now I respond and give them the impression that I have sent them the requested money via western union. I tell the fraudsters that I can only give them the MTCN code on wazzub, when they sign up on wazzub I then tell them that I would only give them the MTCN code if they sign up 12 people under them. They get angry and leave me alone but I have still gotten a new member under me. I have been able to sign up 2 fraudsters in South Africa and 1 fraudster in Togo via this method. As I stated earlier I have personally invited 114 people and I have 213 people in my downline. My target is to personally invite at least 10,000 people before the deadline on April 9, 2012. Every day I am on the internet posting my personal wazzub link. Every day I ensure that I talk to at least 3 people about wazzub, if anyone refuses I go and find another person…… Cmon there are billions of people in this world and there are millions of people on the internet at every point in time.

    With the amount of work I am doing if any one describes me as lazy I won’t even listen to you I would keep on inviting people to wazzub. If wazzub pays me over $30,000 every month and someone says wazzub is giving money to me for doing nothing, I don’t give a damn. You call using all manner of creative tactics to invite over 10,000 people “doing nothing”?

    Another thing is that wazzub may not pay more than 200,000 people and not millions as people are writing here. You have to get a dollar factor of at least 3 to be qualified for payment, meaning that even people who join now and do not invite at least 3 people would not be paid. Over 95% of the people I have invited have not invited any body, and I believe 99% of all wazzub members have not invited at least 3 people. If everyone on wazzub has invited at least 3 people the number of wazzub members would have hit 3 million since. If everyone on wazzub has invited over 100 people like I have, the number of wazzub members would have hit 100 million. This is why I believe that wazzub would actually pay less than 200,000 people and not millions.

    I do not believe wazzub is a scam, when it is time to process payment and they ask for my personal details I would give it to them. If they ask for my credit card details I would give it to them and nothing would happen to my money. People who claim wazzub is just collecting email addresses to send us spam are entitled to their opinion, after all this website asked for my email address to post this comment.

    I am actually having fun on wazzub watching my “dollar factor” increase everyday. I also have fun when I see strange names from countries I have never been to signed up under me.

    The worst thing that can happen about my involvement with wazzub is that it may be a flop. If that happens I would include it among business ventures that I invested in that did not succeed. If wazzub succeeds and I receive over $30,000 every month believe me I would fly first class and go on a long range vacation on all the continents.

    The first wazzub pay day is on May 15, 2012 I would return to this website after that date to let you all know how much I was paid.

  • Jude

    ..stay out of wazzub they are fraudstars..trying to get your info …period.

  • http://www.wazzub.com Cliff Tavares

    WAZZUB is a company like google, yahoo, facebook….
    These companies are profiting billions of dollars every year because of us the users but do we get a share of those profits?, NOPE!…..


    This is why WAZZUB was created, to share 50% of the profit with it’s users and to give the users the opportunity to earn a profit every month for life but only to those users who have signed up before april 1st 2012 (locked in their position) and it is 100% free to sign up.

    Where does the money come from?……… Money comes from millions of advertisers that pay companies like facebook, google to have their business shown to the audience (the users).

    Remember there’s billions of users using google, facebook and the advertisers will go where the users are.
    Just amazing WAZZUB getting as much users as google and facebook, WAZZUB will profit billions and will share 50% of the profits to those users that signed up before april 1st 2012.


    Special Info about Scams:
    If someone is going to say that Wazzub is a scam, that person is just dumb and here is why!
    A scam involves money invested, given or lost.
    Since WAZZUB doesn’t ask for money, ask you to invest any money, or buy or sell anything, and you don’t ask anyone else to invest, buy, sell or give any money, where is exactly the scam? No one has given or lost any money, and never will.

  • Sanesuresh

    @Jens Holvoet, Really!!!?

    Thanks for the advice and all of us will make it a point to post the jpeg image of our cheques here come 15th May, 2012. Hope you could make arrangements for JPEG image upload here.

    We can talk all we want, and you guys don’t know 1/2 the truth. Only a very small know what is being cooked and its going to blow your brains come 9th April, 2012.

    1. An intelligent persons listens carefully understands and acts

    2. A less intelligent acts blindly, so there is 50/50 chance

    3. The less intelligent never listens, never acts and argues.

    Come 9th April we will know 50% of where we stand and on 15 May it will be proof of where we stand, 1, 2 or 3 as above?

    Bye till then as time is not worth spending on no 3 as above.


    • Sanesuresh

      Sorry Guys,

      No 3 should read as follows

      3. The Not Intelligent, never listens, never acts and argues.

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi Evros, if you were interested in a company where you don’t need to recruit people for a free deal and still earn a serious income online, you would send me a message instead. I’m always looking forward to help new people with a business that has much more value than the whole Wazzub thing. People can do what they wanna do, but trust me on this: when you’re not paying everyone who is part of it, the whole thing falls down eventually.

    • Mark Mifsud

      I am not misinformed. You are naive and foolish, while I am not. I researched this inside and outside while you are just believing one side of it. Which is foolish!

      I don’t care what a business plan says. There is already too much evidence that this won’t ever work and that it is run by known scammers.

      And it’s APril 10th already and the site is as dead as it always was. Who’s misinformed now BITCH? It was YOU all along who was believing a lie.

      If you ever read a website by a person you never knew, claiming something absurd you shouldn’t believe it. If it promises you the world for nothing you should definitely NOT believe him.

      And if there is so much evidence that this is run by scammers then that makes you a fool (and there is but you are too idiotic to inform yourself, you misinformed guy).

      Sorry for the offensive language I used, but there people as foolish as wazzub believers really don’t even deserve better. I can’t believe such idiots really exist.

      You will never see a cent, get over it.

  • Sovereign

    Mr Jens Holvoet and Mr Mark Mifsud have been unable to counter my comment I made on February 28, 2012.

    I was able to prove that Wazzub would probably pay less than 200,000 people and using millions of people to do calculations is wrong.

    On http://wazzubfire.wordpress.com again it is proved that not every one who joins Wazzub before April 9, 2012 would be eligible for payment. Both Mr Jens Holvoet and Mr Mark Mifsud in their attempt to make a convincing argument conveniently left out the fact that in the Wazzub members area it is clearly written that every one has to have a “dollar factor” of 3 to be eligible for payment.

    How many Wazzub members have a “dollar factor” of at least 3? It is definitely not millions.

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      I just don’t read all those comments here. Maybe they shouldn’t advertise their splash page as if everyone is going to get paid, because now the spammers are doing this all over the internet and many people get sucked into it and believe that they will get paid for using it.

      “On http://wazzubfire.wordpress.com again it is proved that not every one who joins Wazzub before April 9, 2012 would be eligible for payment.” –> the rest is fucked then, and even so… people need to understand that there’s obviously no decent business plan, no user will join for free if they can’t make money with it, this is a harsh fact, people join to make money, not to use something that already exists.

  • jeff

    wow. lots of opinions here. guess we shall see who is right in a couple months. to be safe why not open a new email and a new bank account just for wazzub? keep 1 cent in the account and hold wazzub to their word of free forever. if they ask for money.. just say no!

  • Tsen

    Yes, so many comments. Any Wazzub supporters prove that they have actually earned some money already?

  • semiganda reagan

    please sir i have 20 people that are verified on my wazzub account
    but then will i be paid after the stated date of april coz i see some are not to be paid am from uganda

  • Abiodun

    While so far so good.We have hear the two side independent opinion.But whether is true of not,you have noting to lose.Signup and let me be your upline.My referral id is 8d15412

  • Pushpanand Dimri

    Wazzub will go to rightly. so plz wait & watch.

  • T.P.

    I have already signed up and what is it you have to lose??? Well, if anyone needs an invitation reply or email me and I will send you my link. Hope your having a wonderful day!

  • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

    My system already proved that it works Richboync and nobody has to recruit other members to make profit. Wazzub still has everything to prove and people who don’t recruit people won’t make a dime, and morever, when the pre-launch is over there’s no chance that it will be sustainable because almost nobody will join as a free user (it has been tried over and over again, each similar business opportunity failed). They are digging their own grave this way.

    • Mark Mifsud

      Since you asked me politely I will reply politely.

      My friend, if you want a real deal on the Internet Either learn forex trading, gather a lot of discipline, take it slow and start small.

      OR set up an online business yourself, run it yourself and work hard till it succeeds.
      Make something fun, highly engaging and interactive and as much useful as possible for many people. Don’t make it a small business that sells an e-book, don’t make it dependent on recruiting.
      See how facebook, Zynga, Amazon succeeded. They created something unique, got funding and mentoring from venture capitalists and marketed their site through PR to get large fast. See what Pinterest are doing…

      These business are those that make you a millionaire and they disobey every rule of internet marketing known to men.

      The truth is that NOBODY will ever provide an opportunity that is good for you; you have to manage your dream, fund it, run it, learn all it requires, build your right team and care for it yourself. Nobody cares about your success, what people care about is THEIR success NEVER yours.

      IF anyone has a way to get rich quick on the internet he is not going to tell it to you. Why would he dilute his winning system by making it popular?

      If anyone offers an “opportunity” it is not for you to get rich, it is for THEM to get rich.

      What I am saying is common sense I guess. Isn’t it? If you were to build an internet business you’d build it for yourself first, your clients last, not the other way round. Why would anyone do it the other way round for you?

      There are many opportunities in life, even not on the internet but here is my best advice: If anyone says that he has built you a system or will run it for you or that he will drive your dream for you at a small fee you are being scammed. EVERYTIME!

      Don’t wait for experience to teach you this truth, many have trusted other and got burned. Unfortunately they won’t warn you because they feel embarrassed by their mistake. Learn from THEIR experience. Trust NOBODY to provide any success you want.

  • asif javed

    i m confused…………..my fb account is also blocked and mail id also not working………..can’t sending mails……………………


    i m confused…………..my fb account is also blocked and mail id also not working………..can’t sending mails……………………

  • Nicholas Oyoo

    First, i remember joining Facebook and i was told that my email will be spammed. God if i had listened? For the last one month i have been in WAZZUB, i have not seen the Spams.

    Second you can start a new email for WAZZUB if you fear these spamming threat. Nothing stops you having ten email addresses.

    Third, If someone says lets build the numbers and make money, i think it is a genuine concern. and i ask Why not. look at the bigger picture…if these guys launch something more superior to Google then that chance is there. trouble with technology if you stay 10 years in the same level you will lose out. Google and Facebbook may easily lose out if someone brought new technology. remember the time Yahoo was the email of choice? now guys are in gmail…

    email me on oyookraft@gmail.com and lets take a chance with WAZZUB…

  • AAkin

    Its like u guys’ve been right all the time. The silence has been deaening! 1. How do we de-activate the info already given, in the event this silence continue indefinitely? 2. Can I recieve the link to your unfailing system that is no expensive. Thanks

  • Nicholas Oyoo

    Mark, the’ve moved the launch to April 11…2 more days

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      I never delete a comment, please click on “view more” to see all your childish comments.

      • Greg

        Hi Jens, Where does wazzub get all their funding for all their Engineers /
        Technical Development and design ?

        I wish you could tell me and tell me I’m wrong before I join
        But joning wont break my bank either if its free. I f I can get a cool Home page like what is presented on that blog why would I not join.I dont see anything like it anywhere on the web.

        • BudiPras

          Hi Greg, what do you mean with “… dont see anything like it anywhere on the web” .. ? Is there anything new on wazzub except their promise to share profit? NONE! And their promise of sharing profit is very..very..doubtfull.

  • Nicholas Oyoo

    Guys, tests for the Perfect Internet are on.

    It’s a Fact: the big companies try to dictate to
    us how to use the Internet. They collect and
    sell our data and they earn billions of $$$ by
    doing that. It is time for them to understand
    that we “the user” decide what happens on
    the Internet and that we “the users” don’t
    like to be patronized. It is time to

    Imagine this: you start your Internet browser
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    Our project is the first free-forever

    Instead of investing millions of $$$
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    The more friends you invite
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    Use your DealPOINTS to shop for free
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    for free dinners in participating restaurants
    or to play free skill games vs. other members
    to win Real Cash Prize Money.

    Starting July 1, 2012, we reward you
    every month just for inviting others
    to join our community for free.

    6,000,000 MEMBERS
    have already joined our free community
    and every few seconds we welcome
    a new member.
    Now its is up to you to join for free!
    Experience a brand new way to enjoy the
    Internet and receive valuable rewards.

    From Above those who missed can still have opportunity at inviting others and getting rewards and deal points.

    True – Wazzub will probably less that Million guys from the six million. There is not going to be a burst….

    • Nicholas Oyoo

      That was WazzUb will probably pay less that Million guys from the million as so many did not reach the factor of to qualify for payment for life…If Google want’s me to use there search engine and pretend that it me alone who benefits and someone is offering that you can rack in deal points and get some great deals done for you and have your own personalized content in the homepage…i think these guys may just be on to something big…am glad am in…

    • BudiPras

      Big companies like Google, Yahoo, etc. do not dictate us. It is up to us to use their services. We are all already get the advantages of their services. I’m not receiving money from them, but using them for my own purpose, and it is a big help.

  • Greg

    Email addresses listing are very cheap to buy.I dont believe Wazzub is spending millions on technological development and design just to get your emails :) I came across a design template which I believe could become the Future look of Wazzub .I’ve attached the blog link below. http://wazzub-reality.blogspot.ca/ I’m presently trying to get in touch with the blog owner and get more detail about it.If thats where Wazzub is heading I will definetely become a member.

  • Greg

    I’m to late to make money with Wazzub is that a good reason to now join? I’m thinking of joining because I love the idea of setting up my HP with everything I need ,games /videos/news and tons of products you can buy using your Wazzub points system. That to me is cool!!! who can beat that? its like having your whole online world in front of you ,under one roof . No more need to waist time browsing like crazy.
    Dude thats cool!!!

      • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

        I have never used the word “scam” and I’m also not saying that it’s a scam. For as long as they aren’t registered in the Better Business Bureau there’s no proof of the long term stability of this company. If you believe that all of your 500 friends would join, you’re being pretty naive. The reality here is that even if you have 100 people in your dowline, you have no control over how much you are going to earn.

        • C. Thomas Hockenbury

          I’m A Member Of WazzUB And I Say They ARE A Scam.

  • Luke

    @Mark we will get paid : D you are just jelous

  • Agbabiaka Mosimabale

    In completing my deal, what does: UPDATE DEAL, UPDATE VIDEO. LINK, DESCRIPTION means?

  • Frank

    Hey. I joined Wazzub last year and was very excited by it. I have a deal factor of 155 and my wife is is signed up under me has 265. I was excited until they gave everyone 10 days to scan and mail them a picture ID showing date of birth and a signature through the e-mail that you signed up on. Big alarm bells went off. Thats all anyone needs to perform identity theft. Just think, even if only 5 million of the 6 + million that signed up do this and they use the info to scam everyone of just 10 dollars each. 50 million dollars gone poof! Like I said, I WAS excited but NOT anymore. All the scsm prevention sites on the internet tell you to never send that kinfd of info to someone you don’t know. I won’t be doing it. Its a shame too because if it was a dollar a share then that would have been just over 400 dollars a month extra for us. I’m very disapointed. :(

  • C. Thomas Hockenbury

    I Was Banned From The Chatroom By A Power Hungry WazzUB Support. Just Because I Had An Opinion Concerning Being Cheated Out Of A Phone I Won On The Prize Mania. This Is Just More Of The Wrong With WazzUB. If We Can’t Get Help From Support Without Be Threatened With Banishment. Then Why Have A WazzUB? I Supported WazzUB For A While Now But, I Can’t Get Any Support From WazzUB Though.
    I’m Contacting All My Invites And Telling Them What A Power Hungry Support Did & How I Was Cheated Out Of A Win On Prize Mania. Just Because There Was A Glitch With Prize Mania Now I Have To Suffer.