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Uprize Review, Don’t Join Until You Know The Facts About Uprize

In this Uprize review, you will learn more about this network marketing company that combined network marketing and Forex (foreign exchange) into one concept. Uprize was founded by Glen Jensen, former Agel founder and CEO, in February 2012. The company has its headquarters in Utah, (USA) and offers people an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a successful foreign currency trader while promoting Forex as a business opportunity.

Uprize Review, Uprize Training Packages

Uprize provides people with information, training and tools regarding foreign currency exchange trading that used to be out of reach in the past. The company claims that this kind of training normally costs thousands of dollars, but thanks to Uprize it has become easily accessible to everyone. There’s no doubt that currency training is not something that you can learn in a few minutes, so I do believe that their training could be a valuable asset for people who want to learn this craft. “Earn while you learn” is one of the company’s mottos and basically this is applies to any kind of business of course.

Uprize offers 3 different training packages, each package has a different price according to the value that it contains: Core ($250), Partner ($550) and Professional $1,550). In addition to the price of the training package there’s also a monthly subscription of $49.99 to be paid. Uprize affiliates receive a $50 discount on all package prices.

Uprize Review, Uprize Affliate Rewards Program

If you want to become an Uprize affiliate, you need to pay an annual affiliate fee of $50 and you obviously also need to be on an active monthly Uprize training package subscription.

The Uprize compensation plan includes a Rapid Rewards Bonus ($30 up to $300), a Rank Qualification Bonus, an Infinity Bonus ($10, $25 or $100), a Team Bonus  (10% or 15% on your Pay Team) and a Matching Bonus (up to 8 generations deep).

If you want to qualify for the Infinity and Matching Bonus, you need to purchase a Partner or Professional Package and maintain an active membership subscription and also have at least one active personally enrolled associate on both your Pay Team and Power team. The Pay Team is your downline leg with the lesser Bonus Point volume while the Power team is the downline leg with the greater Bonus Point Volume.

Uprize Review Conclusion

People with Forex experience will certainly find the Uprize Affiliate Rewards Program rewarding. They will be able to reach out to other foreign currency traders who are interested in the valuable training as well as the business opportunity.

Skilled and hardworking people can certainly earn a good income with Forex. However, I wouldn’t really recommend total dummies to join Uprize, because there’s a  chance that they will give up and wasted money on the products. It would be a big waste of money if you joined thinking that currency trading will make you instantly rich without doing any effort.

I personally believe that there are some challenges to overcome for people who are interested in this unique mlm concept. First of all, it would only be fair to the customers that they are able to make profit based on the forex training. When that’s not happening, you could be wasting a lot of money that you could have invested somewhere else. Secondly, it will certainly be difficult to promote Uprize as a business opportunity if you aren’t making a lot of profit with the training packages. Nevertheless, this could be a great opportunity for Forex professionals who would like to earn an additional income. Hopefully this Uprize review gave you a better insight regarding what this network marketing company has to offer.