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Trévo LLC The Review – Is This Ground Floor Opportunity A Scam Or Worth To Have A Deeper Look At?

What Is Trévo?

Trévo LLC, is a brand new network marketing company which has been founded by Mark and Holly Stevens in November 2010. The company has its headquarters in Oklahoma and offers independent distributors the chance to make money while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The company slogan is “A Company Empowering Dreams”. In this elaborate review you will find out whether the Trévo business could empower your dream or not.

The Trévo Products

Let’s have a look at the products first. Trévo markets a beverage with the same name as the company name, containing 174 different natural ingredients. Here’s a short list of some of those ingredients: mangosteen, maqui and acai berries, amalaki fruit, gotu kola and ashwagandha.

On their website Trévo claims that their juice supports vibrant good health, increased energy, weight management, improved mental focus, cardiovascular system health, digestive system health, proper pH levels, sports and overexertion recovery, immune system health, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, anti-aging and a wonderful sense of well-being.

The company describes its flagship product as “unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market” and that’s certainly not a lie; it’s actually very possible with 174 different ingredients. Besides the 32 oz. bottles, the company also designed a 2 oz. bottle named Trévo2go, which is very handy for people like me who love having the product close at hand while travelling. A 32 oz. bottle costs $50. $50 seems pricey, but you can’t judge the price if you never tried the product.

As far as the product goes there’s nothing to be amazed of. Let’s have a look at the Trévo business opportunity. You can join Trevo on 5 different levels with a membership cost ranging from $150 to $1200. In return for your sign up, you simply receive products. So when joining at the $1200 Elite Executive Power Start System, you will receive 24 bottles. (24 x 50 = $1200) So in theory there’s no enrollment fee to be paid.

The Trévo Straight-Matrix Compensation Plan provides 7 ways to make money:

1. Retail Sales

Buy the product at wholesale prices, sell them at retail and keep the profit.

2. Power Start Business System Commission

Each time you personally sponsor a new distributor, you are paid based upon your rang. As the enroller, you receive a 40% commission.

3. Matching Bonus

Each time a distributor whom you have personally signed up enrolls a new distributor with the purchase of a Power Start system, you receive a 20% matching bonus off of his or her commission.

4. Group Volume Commission

Based upon Qualifying Volume, Trévo pays monthly Group Volume commissions. You will get paid based on a unilevel plan with 8 generations.

5. Bulk Pack Commission

When one of your distributors in your first through fourth levels orders bulk packages, the company rewards you with a commission of up to $183.

6. Team Volume Recognition Pool Bonus

Trévo sets aside 15% of the corporate Group Volume revenue to be paid monthly in 15 separate 1% pools. This team volume commission payout is based on a one straight line matrix.

7. Leadership Bonuses

Trévo provides its best distributors with several luxury car bonuses, travelling and training bonuses.

8. Charity Bonuses

Trévo leaders who achieve Black Diamond Executive status and above have the opportunity to choose a specific charities for which Trévo makes donations in their name.

If you want a detailed overview of the Trévo compensation plan, you can consult it by clicking here.


Trévo LLC is certainly worth to have a deeper look at. Although there’s an endless list of network marketing companies offering health and wellness beverages, Trévo is certainly not like any of the others. From my point of view, the main reason why it could be difficult to market this opportunity is the price of the products. But there are a few other things that struck me more while reviewing Trévo.

Firstly, the company calls its distributors “Life and Health Coaches”. It gives people the impression that Trévo distributors possess specialised knowledge about health. Helping people to improve their health is great, but that’s where it should stop. As a distributor, you’re a business builder and not a health professional. Secondly, on their, by the way not very professionally looking website, all that Trévo does is saying how they will become the best network marketing company in history. It’s painful to see, but if you can’t admit that there are so many companies with their own specific advantages, then you’re not really worth to be in this industry.

Let’s focus again on the strong aspects of this business opportunity. Trévo has a strong compensation plan; no doubt about that! Is it the best around? No, it’s not, but it has a bit of everything and offers a motivated business builder interesting ways to make money. The integration of a fast start, including matching, bonus and a team volume bonus based a one straight line matrix makes this compensation plan a strong one. An interesting detail for a starting business builder: a 1 bottle autoship ensures you of access to the commissions on your first generation of distributors. Everyone has to start somewhere and Trévo is one of those opportunities that could help you to do that. If you consider to join Trévo, you have to keep in mind that you will need to work every day if you want to become successful. If you don’t know how to brand yourself and your business… it doesn’t matter whether Trévo is new, awesome or even fabulous.

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