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The Misconception Of Online Passive Marketing

To be honest with you, I don’t like the term passive marketing because it sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme that will make you successful with just one click of a button. Get-rich-quick schemes don’t exist. There’s always a lot of work to do if you want to see real results. In this blog post I explain what online passive marketing exactly is and how to make it work.

Passive Marketing On The Internet

All advertising methods that are being used these days are a form of passive marketing. You go to a local store and see business flyers on the counter, that’s passive marketing. Posters, television or radio advertising, paper ads, business cards… these are all forms of passive marketing. If you’re already using some of these advertising channels, but you don’t see any results, then you’ll have to sit down and figure out WHY it’s not working. Is there something wrong with your advertising source, targeting or even your message? Most of these advertising methods still work for your business if you figure out how to do it right. The internet, well that works both way:  passive marketing has become easier and more effective and at the same time also more confusing.

It’s a fact that the internet has made it easier for many people to achieve success. However, although passive marketing is very effective online, it doesn’t mean “doing nothing”. This is the misconception of online passive marketing. People think that it’s easy and requires no hard work at all. Often you see these internet marketing gurus in videos telling you that they used to be homeless and now made $1 million in 6 months… that anyone can achieve the same simply by posting some links. The truth is that it requires a lot of time, training and work to earn that much money.

Where To Start With Your Online Passive Marketing

There are many different strategies that you can use to boost your online passive marketing. The most popular strategies are videos (Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion…), websites, blogs, online advertising, article marketing… Find out which types of online passive marketing suit you best, but I recommend to use as many channels as you possibly can. The more exposure you get, the better your results will be.

Why Online Passive Marketing Doesn’t Work For You

Sometimes people don’t see any results with their online passive marketing strategies while a lot of other people seem to do fine with it. There can be various reasons for that. In most cases, it’s simply because they aren’t working hard enough. If you’re only creating one piece of content per week, you will never see any results. I can guarantee you that. Whether it’s active recruiting or boosting your passive marketing strategies, you have to work your business daily if you want to move forward.

Which Kind Of Online Passive Marketing Does Not Work

It’s also important that you know which kind of online passive marketing doesn’t work very well. Posting stuff on FB like “I’m ready to help 5 more individuals become a millionaire” is the worst kind of online passive marketing there is. You see these messages all the time on social network sites and they make the author look absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know where they get the idea from that serious people will respond to these kind of messages. Nor will spamming ever be a valuable passive online marketing strategy. Marketing is all about finding the easiest and most profitable way to be found. If you go and spam your links, nobody will ever click on them because people aren’t looking for your links. Spammers are basically just spamming each other over and over again in the hope that another spammer will click on their links.

To finish this blog post I’ll direct you to my explanation of reverse marketing. You can learn more about reverse marketing in this blog post. Reverse marketing is one of the most powerful passive marketing concepts and is being used all the time while most customers don’t even realize it.