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Tahitian Noni International The Review – Is Noni International A Trend-Setter In Decay?

If you’re interested in network marketing, or maybe you’re already active in the industry, chances are that you’ve heard of Tahitian Noni International (TNI). TNI was founded in July 1996 and was one of the first companies to release an antioxidant drink. Noni currently operates in 73 countries and supports over 65 different languages. For people who like numbers: as one of the pioneers in the network marketing wellness industry the company surpassed $4 billion in revenue in its first 10 years, while paying out over $2 billion in commissions and over more than 400 distributors made more than $1 in cumulative commissions. The company is now worldwide known and has also been documented in many magazines, health journals, TV documentaries and news clips. During the last decade Noni has been dealing with other multi-billion network marketing giants like XanGo and MonaVie. Despite the strong competition Noni still owns an impressive track record.

Tahitian Noni International

The main product is the antioxidant juice; now know as the Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage. You can already guess what the main ingredient is… the superfruit known as noni. Noni has a 2 000 year old history in Polynesia for aiding in immune system support, antioxidant protection, good digestion, enhanced energy and vitality and enhanced physical performance. The first scientific studies on the noni fruit date from 50 years ago. Besides the Bioactive Beverage Noni also markets a noni-based energy drink called Hiro, noni-based protein shakes, a weight loss product, a line of vitamins made with noni, a line of noni-based hair care and facial care products.

Tahitian Noni  Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is a unilevel plan that pays out in 5 ways:

1. Retail Profits: as a distributor, you can purchase products at wholesale and sell them for retail making a little profit.

2. Personal Rebate: you can earn a 20% rebate when customers purchase products from you or your website.

3. Weekly Fast Start Bonus: you can earn a Fast Start Bonus when a new distributor joins your group within your first 5 levels.

4. Monthly Residual Income: you can earn up to 45% on your group’s volume from levels 1 to 8. (based on your autoship)

5. Revenue Pools: when achieving a certain rank, you can earn a percentage of the company’s revenue through several different pools.

There’s also the possibility to earn advancement bonuses every time you achieve a higher rank in the company. Based on your rank and production Noni offers its distributors free trips and cruises.

Tahitian Noni Conclusion:

The Noni compensation plan offers a good and solid way of compensation that already proved to create millionaires. Although it’s not as attractive as the binary plans of some newer companies (like MonaVie and Vemma), Noni is still a successful company and without a doubt one of the heavyweights in the industry. Noni also offers a free membership and lots of scientific documentation on its products. The main worry I would have as a potential Noni distributor is whether the products can measure up to the new products or the more revolutionary compensation plans other companies are marketing. It’s true that the market isn’t saturated at all, but as we all know: holding your top spot is the most difficult task there is, so it is for Tahitian Noni.

  • http://JonRPatrick.com Mandura Jon

    A high quality company, with a high-quality product… however, they’ve been eclipsed by other, newer companies like Mandura with a better, more comprehensive product, that’s cheaper, with a better pay plan, etc. etc.
    There’s still money and growth to be had with Tahitian Noni, but you’ll be rowing against the current.
    If you’re considering T.N., you owe it to yourself to check out Mandura too!