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SevenPoint2 Review, How To Market Your SevenPoint2 Business Online

In this SevenPoint2 review, you will learn more about SevenPoint2 which is a network marketing company that launched on October 1 2011 by Jason Boreyko, Sam Adams and Howard Cohn. Jason Boreyko used to be the CEO and co-founder of New Vision International and is a well-known name in the field of direct selling. As a second generation network marketer and years of experience in the field (he was still a young adolescent when he got started) he definitely knows what a network marketing distributor needs to do to be successful. The company has its head offices in Newport Beach, California.

SevenPoint2 introduced the “90 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge”. In a world where our internal pH is so out of balance SevenPoint2 is trying to provide people with category leading products that change people’s body in a positive way. The company distributes a range of products created to help people achieve what they call an alkaline lifestyle.

SevenPoint2 Review, Products

  • 7.2 Shake: this Vegan based shake is free of allergens, soy free, gluten free and whey free. The shake helps your body to burn fat and at the same time to become alkaline.
  • 7.2 Greens: these Delicious Organic Greens are a revitalizing essential supplement, created to gently detoxify the body and help people achieve an alkaline lifestyle.
  • 7.2 Alkaline Booster: after having an acidic meal and beverage(s) this turns your  acidic pH levels into alkaline..
  • 7.2 Cleanse: Cleanse helps people to keep things moving so that their body doesn’t turn acidic. It’s being used for daily cleansing, maintenance or people can use more for it as a Power Cleanse.
  • 7.2 Control: Control helps people to suppress their cravings so that they don’t have the desire for foods that affect weight loss goals in a negative way.
  • 7.2 Coffee Tabs: helps neutralize highly acidic beverages and makes them alkaline.

SevenPoint2 Review, SevenPoint2 Compensation Plan

SevenPoint2 designed a Unilevel Compensation Plan. Thanks to the “Nothing Beats Free Program” people who sign up 3 Preferred Customers who are on an autoship for 3 months can get their the product for next month for free. There’s an Elite Car bonus for Gold Team leaders and above.

The SevenPoint2 compensation plan offers 8 different ways to earn income:

  • Initial Purchase Bonus: distributors are paid on the initial product purchase of a new member and are paid to the first four active upline members (20%; 10%, 5%, 5%). This bonus is being paid every week.
  • Fast Track Cash: to qualify for this bonus a distributor must hit the rank within 6 months after signing up and maintain the rank for 3 months. If all ranks are achieved up to and including Black Diamond, the Bonus amount would total $34,000. This is a one time bonus. There’s also a 50% Matching Fast Track Cash Bonus for the enroller.
  • Black Diamond Leadership Bonus: when someone in your team achieves the rank of Black Diamond, you will receive an additional 2% on that first Black Diamond’s 8 compressed levels and you will still receive a 2% bonus until you hit the second Black Diamond.
  • Black Diamond Infinity Bonus: as a Black Diamond, you will receive a 2% bonus on all the volume from your level 9 through to the second Black Diamond.
  • Leader Enrollment Bonus Pool: 2% of the Commissionable Volume from the previous month sales is placed into the Leader Enrollment Bonus Pool.
  • Achiever Qualifications: when you achieve the Rank of Silver in the enrollment month or the second month, you will earn Double the Points on the Leader Enrollment Bonus Pool for life.
  • Unilevel Bonus: get paid 8 levels down on your entire team.
  • Matching Income Bonus: an additional bonus for leadership starts at Platinum (10%), increases to (12%) at Diamond and then 15% at Black Diamond.

When you want to get started with SevenPoint2 you need to pay a membership fee of $39.95, plus the cost of the product that you purchased. Starting associates need to maintain $100 PQV in personal purchases or $250 PQV in retail sales in order to be qualified for commissions.

While reading this SevenPoint2 review, you should already realize that the company is active in a highly competitive industry, namely the health industry. However, SevenPoint2 has raised the standard thanks to being one of the first companies that offer organic, vegan and gluten-free products. The next step is learning how to market these products and how to stand out from the competition.

SevenPoint2 Review, How To Market Your SevenPoint2 Business Online

SevenPoint2 distributors receive their own personal SevenPoint2 website that they can use to share with potential business associates. It could be that your sponsor teaches you how to call friends and family in order to sign them up for your SevenPoint2 business. Obviously… if you think that it’s going to be this easy to recruit people for your business opportunity, you’re terribly wrong.

You will need to learn how to advertise your SevenPoint2 business online and how to generate an endless stream of leads. Thank you for reading this SevenPoint2 review, to your success!