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Read This Text Cash Network Review Before You Join

Text Cash Network is a network marketing company that has been founded in November 2011. The president of the company is named Brett Hudson. Brett has over 15 years of business experience in the field of marketing and high computer technologies.

What Is Text Cash Network?

The goal of Text Cash Network is to become a big player on the advertising market. One of the competitors named Groupon is currently the fastest company in the world ever. TCN plans to dominate the text advertising marketing by using a network marketing referral system.

You can join Text Cash Network for free and you basically never have to pay anything, unless you want to start your personal advertising campaigns. As a free Text Cash Network member you commit to receiving 5 text messages per day and have the ability to choose the category (for example: food or clothing). Text Cash Network members also receive a website that they can use to promote their business opportunity.

The Text Cash Network Compensation Plan

People who want to make money with the Text Cash Network receive a payout of $1.50 for each new Text Cash Network member that they bring in. The Text Cash Network compensation plan is a unilevel pay plan that enables you to earn up to 10 levels deep and recruit an unlimited amount of members. Text Cash Network members receive a $500 Rewards Dollar Gift Card if they manage to recruit at least 10 people. I don’t have to tell you that you will need to be able to sponsor at least several hundreds of new Text Cash Network members if you want to make a decent income with it. But that’s not the only problem for future Text Cash Network members. Although I’m certainly convinced that there’s a market for text message advertising, in my opinion there are way too many hurdles to jump over and hoops to go through.

Downsides To Text Cash Network

Personally, I hate it when I receive text messages that I’m not interested in. With Text Cash Network many people will get tired of receiving 1 to 5 advertising messages every day. But this is not your main concern: the people who join are people who are looking to make an extra income with it and you have to be honest here: you need to recruit hundreds to thousands of people to succeed in that. Furthermore, people who want to use the advertising service will in most cases never have the exposure they need to get profit out of it. Exposure is namely the marketing rule number one and with text messages it’s almost impossible to target your prospects or customers efficiently.

TCN is a global opportunity, which means that people from all over the world can join Text Cash Network. Before you start using this advertising service you have to ask yourself this question: will my business profit from it? Moreover,  because text messaging is a local activity targeting is in this case a very difficult thing. The text message is useless when it’s promoting merchandise from a shop in New York while your prospect lives in Los Angeles. Before you join Text Cash Network it’s good to know how you can target your customers and get the best out of this service. Thanks for reading this Text Cash Network Review; I wish you the best of luck in advertising your Text Cash Network business opportunity.

  • Jill

    Hey Tom,

    To upgrade to VIP with text cash network you have to pay, so it is not free to earn income at the higher levels.

  • http://www.staged.com/video?v=2yH Lover

    Is this business aready on?

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet


  • Parminder Singh Ghotra

    Hi jens Holvoet ,

    Can you please tell me how to join Text Cash Network … I belongs to India …

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi Parminder, look for a member by googling “text cash network member” and sign up.

  • Jenny

    Hi Parminder, have you join Text Cash Network already? If not then you can join using my referral site. Just click on my name to get to the site and contact me after joining so that we can work together.

  • mayagul

    joine me plz

  • Faaizah MARDEN

    Hello Jens,

    Would like to know how getting paid? Does Text cash Network send us a debit card by post or bank transfer?? OR Else.

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi, I’m not a member, please ask your sponsor.

  • Mohsin

    Sir plz tell me how do after joing TCN

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi, I’m not a member, please ask the person who enrolled you.

  • Leon Degney

    My firm belief is that Text Cash Network is about to crash. I am a VIP plus member and have been with them since they first started. I joined because I liked the concept. When I realised that it would be almost an impossibility to successfully advertise in all of the countries they were represented in it was too late I had paid my $400+ for VIP status so just hung in there. In the meantime I managed to recruit 7 agents one of whom did upgrade to VIP plus status for the said fee. All without exception have long since abandoned TCN saying what a waste of time it is. It is now the 6th Feb 2013 and would you believe text advertising still has not eventuated. Why am I not surprised? Instead all sorts of “products” have graced their pages all them just short of useless except for a pain reliever called Nyloxin. How TCN happened to snare that I am at a loss to say. They have NOT paid any of their “Refferal Agents”, TCN parlance for affiliates for months now. Even commissions earned by agents for retail sales of Nyloxin have been locked. When I asked why on the TCN Facebook group page I was locked out for detrimental and inflammatory behaviour. A conversation with a moderator of the Facebook site informed me that they have a “cash flow” problem and they locked all payments “until new recruits could be found” this would then give them the cash to supposedly pay what they owe. If that doesn’t smell like a typical Ponzi Scheme I don’t know what does. New members to pay old is just how they work. New junk products are supposed be coming to assist in the recruiting of these people. All this despite the fact that daily “profit share” is still being allocated to VIP members provided they meet certain criteria, all or most of which involves the injection of more money ( at least $100 ) into the TCN system to stay qualified for the next 30 days. My question is if they cannot pay agents because there is are no funds how is it possible to allocate daily “profit share” and if there is profit why can’t they pay the agents their dues. One does not have to be Rhodes Scholar to see that the TCN ship is way off course and heading for the rocks.

  • maurice

    i want to do textcashnetwork !!11 .icouldn”t get in on ” TCN”