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Posting Ads On Craiglist, Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time On It

If you have a home based business and you have been posting ads on Craigslist in order to build your business, it could be that you noticed that your success rate was pretty low. Yes, it’s possible that your leaders told you how to do it and to post as many ads on classified ads as possible. And it’s also possible that they told you that it really works and yes, maybe sometimes you can achieve success with it. (I’m not all-knowing and won’t argue about “what works” and “what really really really doesn’t work”) But in this review I will explain why I will never waste my valuable time on posting ads on Craigslist.

Why I will Never Waste My Time On Posting Ads On Craigslist

Newby marketers often start out in the industry by randomly posting ads on the internet or handing out flyers without even targeting properly. Nonetheless, a good flyer can do miracles, but there are a hundred ways to market a product or service available and a marketer needs a plan that includes the most successful marketing strategies. So before getting started, you have to make a list of what works best and what will probably not do very well. Then you need to give each marketing strategy a score (you can even do this literally if you want by keeping an excel spreadsheet), so that you don’t keep doing the things that simply don’t work.

By Posting Ads On Craigslist You Are Targeting Non-Business Minded People

Back to Craigslist. Ask yourself what the main purpose of a classified ads website is… A classified ad website is a place where buyers and sellers come together which creates the opportunity for both parties to do business. However, the word “business” is an euphemism here:  most of the buyers on these sites are NOT people who are able to spend a lot of money, nor are they business-minded. If you were a successful business person, would you be spending a lot of time on Craigslist? Successful people don’t make time to look for the best deal; they are proactive and therefore you won’t find them on these sites. You will find them at business events, social networks, business and marketing forums…

You will never find a serious business builder on classified ads sites like Craigslist or Backpage. These websites are being visited by people who are looking for a good deal; these people have absolutely no interest in making an additional income, let alone starting a home based business; they just want to purchase a product or service at a good price. Do not get me wrong: it’s always possible that someone will show interest in your business opportunity, but this possibility will never outweigh the loss of time.

Posting Ads On Craigslist To Promote A Product? Build A Good Website Instead

Sometimes people also start promoting  a certain product on Craigslist. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean: if you would like to sell your products with a discount, it will attract potential customers. BUT no serious business person wants to sell a product or service below the actual price. (you would be killing your own business) I would recommend you to only use these classified sites for special promotions and make sure that you are making profit. Including a nice-looking image in your ad will make it stand out.

Often we notice that people who are for instance active in network marketing are stacking up mlm products in their garage or basement and it just shouldn’t be like this. If you want to sell a specific product, you should build a website for it. Learn how to do some proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or advertise it on a profitable advertising network.

I do not want to discourage you if you were posting ads on Craigslist and never really achieved success with it; however, I believe it’s important that you understand the difference between professional marketing and advertising and copy-pasting ads on the internet.

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