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Neucopia Review, The Launch Of Another 100% Commission Hype Program?

In this Neucopia review I will dig a bit deeper into this 100% commission program. Remember when Network Marketing VT launched and they claimed to be better than Empower Network? Well, apparently Neucopia is now better than both previously-named network marketing opportunities. The main question here is: is it really worth it to spend money on this program in order to grow as a business person and/or marketer? Let’s have a look.

Neucopia Review: Who Is The Founder Of This Program?

Neucopia went in pre-launch on June the 4th of 2012 and is founded by Rich Cook. According to the Neucopia website he has a background of success after success, however I couldn’t find any proof of that success anywhere on the internet (and yes: “Google knows everything” :razz: ) and I have also never heard of him before (which is not impossible when there are more than 7 billion people on this wonderful planet :smile: ). In this video Rich explains more about where he wants to go with Neucopia. Obviously everything about Neucopia seems to be amazing according to him. I don’t doubt for a second that he’s going to do everything he can to turn this business opportunity into a success.

Neucopia Review: Products

Neucopia offers a range of training products that teach you how to create wealth from home. These are the training programs that you can obtain: affiliate marketing training, real estate training, stock market and forex training secrets, debt consolidation and elimination strategies, tax advantages, wealth 101 and the Neucopia network marketing opportunity itself. As you can see, there’s a whole bunch of training programs that teach you various wealth creating strategies and skills.

Basic Level Members pay a monthly membership fee of $49.95 while Premier Level Members pay $169.95 per month. Premier Level Members also have exclusive access to additional conference calls, webinars and training videos. Both memberships include a one-time fee of $100, so you need to pay at least $149.95 to get started with Neucopia. Neucopia members also receive an attractive personal website that they can use to market their business opportunity.

Neucopia Review: Compensation Plan

There are 3 ways to make money with Neucopia:

  1. Front End Commissions: 100% commission on the sign up fee when you enroll a new Neucopia affiliate. This bonus is being paid out infinite levels deep, so every time one of your team members enrolls a new affiliate, you earn $100.
  2. Residual Income: Premium Level Members earn an additional $100 per month on every active Premium Level Member in their Pay Team.
  3. Matching Bonuses: the Matching Bonus is being paid out based on the Residual Income Bonus. Every time someone earns the $100 Residual Income bonus, his or her enroller earns an additional $10. You don’t need to be qualified to earn the matching bonuses.

There are 2 ways to qualify for commissions:

  1. Enroll 3 people at the Basic Level Membership
  2. Enroll 2 people at the Premier Level Membership

Needless to say that the big money isto be found in enrolling Premier Level Members. If you are going to join as a Basic Level Member, do nothing and expect to earn residual income, you shouldn’t join Neucopia.

Neucopia Review: Conclusion

Neucopia looks like a great opportunity for people who are interested in learning more about all kinds of methods to earn passive income. If you are going to join Neucopia with the intention of building a Neucopia business, you will have to sponsor many Premier Level Members. The biggest downside of these training programs is that once the hype is over, many people cancel their subscription and join other programs (if they didn’t already join others) instead of actively marketing Neucopia. This lack of duplication can eventually decrease your personal chance at success.

It’s not really possible to evaluate the quality of the Neucopia products, so I’m going to skip that part. I assume that it will never be possible to look into the products before making the decision to join, so that will be a personal decision anyway. Nonetheless, there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind when it comes to making money: if you want to make money fast, you simply can’t afford spending a lot of time on all kinds of training videos and tools. Passive marketing is great, but if you need to make money fast, you have to spend 80% of your available time on active prospecting.

Moreover, you learn the best by doing and experience is something that you will never be able to buy. I felt exactly the same way when Empower Network and Network Marketing VT launched: you can do a lot better on- or offline without being overwhelmed by all kinds of marketing tools. I’m not saying that all 3 “suck”, but are they really necessary?

Nevertheless, learning is fun and I’m sure that Neucopia will offer useful information and training, but I would personally never pay $49.95 per month while you can learn this all for free. (almost everything you need to know is actually already available for free on the internet)

Hopefully you found this Neucopia review useful and I would like to wish you all the best if you decide to join Neucopia.

  • Ken