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Nerium International Review, An Unbiased Review Of Nerium International

In this Nerium International review, you will be able to read an unbiased opinion regarding this network marketing company and its business opportunity and product. Nerium International was founded in August 2011 in Addison, Texas by Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor. Jeff Olson was the founder of The Peoples Network, author of The Slight Edge and is a well-known name in the network marketing world. There’s certainly a big chance that this strong leadership will turn this company into one of the most promising new mlm companies in the industry.

Nerium International Review, NeriumAD

Nerium International markets its flagship product NeriumAD in a highly competitive multibillion dollar industry, namely health and wellness. NeriumAD is a skin care product that is based on the Nerium oleandern, which seems to provide a remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. You can find many images of people who have been successfully using the NeriumAD skin care product on the official company website. Needless to say that it’s a good product that definitely has an anti-aging effect. Nerium International’s partnership with Nerium SkinCare, which is a division of Nerium Biotechnology, enables the company to have a strong research and development arm that puts the company and its product line on the cutting edge of science.

Nerium International Review, The Compensation Plan

As a Nerium distributor you can get started at three different levels: $99.95, $499.95 or $999.95. The compensation plan is a typical mlm unilevel plan that goes up to 10 levels deep. Besides the residual income coming from the unilevel plan and retail sales, the Nerium compensation plan also offers a Success Pack Bonus, a Weekly Promoters Pool, Leadership Income bonuses and a Lexus Bonus. (car bonuses have always been typical for mlm) There’s nothing that we haven’t already seen before here, but the Nerium International pay plan definitely offers something for real business builders.

The company is promoting a “sign up 3 people and your next month’s product is free”-program. However, mlm newbies should realize that many network marketing reps never succeed in signing up 3 people per month, let alone doing this each month over and over again. Market saturation and laziness are 2 significant factors in this type of business that make people go broke instead of rich. It takes a lot of time and hard work in a network marketing company like Nerium to become part of the 5% who achieve financial freedom.

Nerium International Review, Conclusion

Nerium International is a no-hype professional network marketing company that will attract great leaders during the coming years. However, keep in mind that Nerium distributors will have to learn how to sponsor many people if they want to generate residual income with this mlm business opportunity. Hopefully this Nerium International review helped you to learn more about Nerium International and the way to advertise the business opportunity and product.