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Mistakes In Building Your Home Based Business

Sometimes you wish that building your home based business was easy and didn’t require you to get educated or trained. You did about everything that people who already seem to have “made it” told you, but still haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve. Could it be that you were simply following the wrong advice?

I’ll give you an example. When I for instance got started (that was in an mlm company in 2009), I was handing out flyers like a mad man. I didn’t know that simply handing out flyers, even on fairs, will never make you any money. (it’s actually costing you money) But nobody decided to tell me that this doesn’t work… do you want to know why? Because they were making money off me buying product. (that’s how mlm works) They didn’t really care a lot about the fact that I wasn’t making any money as long as they got paid.

Mistakes In Building Your Home Based Business

I’ve learned a lot during the past years and never again will I make these kind of mistakes. In the following post I’ve enlisted some mistakes in building your home based business.

1. Building Your Home Based Business Is Easier When You Are Famous

One of my friends once told me that it’s easier for me because I’m famous. I agree that this was kind of funny, but in all humility building your home based business has nothing to do with being famous. What he actually meant was: it’s easier for you because you are building relationships. If you build relationships with people, they will get to know you and that will make you “famous”.

When it comes to building your home based business, as an affiliate marketer or network marketer, there’s one golden rule that matters: if you make someone else money, you will make money. So the next step is teaching people how they can make money…

2. But I don’t know how…

Get trained if you don’t know how. If you are not willing to educate yourself, you will probably never make money from home. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow when you are building your home based business:

Stop posting your links on Facebook or other social network sites like a crazy person. If you’re treating your business opportunity like a cheap TV commercial, you will see the same kind of results. This kind of online behavior can be compared with bugging your friends and family at every possible party or catch-up. Listen carefully: nobody likes those kind of people. Click here to learn more about appropriate social network marketing.

Avoid hype marketing. I know a young woman who constantly publicly declared that she was unrecruitable. About 6 months later she already promoted at least 5 different deals in the  crazy-person style that I described above.

Don’t join a particular home based business opportunity just because you think that it could be useful and maybe make you money. In many cases you’re just adding another bill that you didn’t have before. The whole point of building your home based business is to make more money, not creating more bills. Some people for instance buy stuff, like marketing products, that they really don’t need to build their home based business and then claim that it doesn’t work. The truth is that they didn’t work it. I’ve written more about that in my blog post of yesterday entitled: why I don’t like internet marketing coaching products.

3. Tomorrow will be the day…

You have probably already heard this catchphrase several times in your life before: one day I will quit my job. There are heaps of stereotypes in this industry and people use all kinds of phrases just to fool themselves. Using “what if” is probably the easiest way to avoid responsibility.

BUT what if you still have to earn your first big paycheck while building your home based business? There’s only one way for people who just get started: set some small achievement goals and execute your plan step-by-step.

Don’t just think that you are a professional, but think like a professional. You’re not unprofessional when people are asking for more information, but refuse to do their due diligence. They are the one with the problem while you have the solution. Sometimes people feel bad because their prospects didn’t do the effort to do their due diligence while it’s actually they who should feel bad. They asked for the information, but didn’t do anything with it. I will never waste my time on people who don’t want to follow instructions and certainly not if those instructions are for instance, watching a short presentation and writing down your questions. Am I being unprofessional? Maybe, but this is the way we have built a very profitable home based business and it works very well for everyone. Remember that this is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If it doesn’t work for everyone, it’s useless.

Building Your Home Based Business Has To Be Made Easier

So building your home based business has to be made easier. First of all, you need to learn how to avoid home based business mistakes and then you need to find something that works for you. Once everything flows naturally and you are implementing the right marketing strategies, building your home based business will become your second nature.