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How You Shouldn’t Approach Friends And Family About Your Home Based Business

You probably heard this one before: if you only approach your “warm market” when promoting your home based business, you will fail. Yes, you certainly will fail, no doubt. No human being has a warm market of thousands of people. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t approach friends and family about your home based business. Just take into consideration that there are “good” and “bad” ways to do it. (imagine how Peter of Family Guy would try to build his home based business, I bet it would look ugly)

You Could Say These Things To Make Sure That They Won’t Even Bother Looking IntoYour Home Based Business Opportunity

  • It’s not a pyramid scheme
  • You will be able to quit your job in X months
  • You will never get an opportunity like this

You must in all cases avoid using industry clichés and meaningless on-liners. Although some friends or family members will be genuinely interested in your business at some point, they are more likely to be interested in you than in the product or business itself.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be interested per definition, but they will want to know how you’re doing with it because they care about your well-being. REAL FRIENDS will show a NATURAL INTEREST in what you do in life. Trust me on this one: you will never lose real friends because you have talked to them about your business; it’s actually the other way around, you will make more friends if you’re an active networker. Just don’t make the mistake of pushing them to join something that doesn’t suit them; even when you’re offering them a  no-brainer. Some people are business-minded while others just aren’t.

What Can You Say So That They Don’t Instantly Run Away From Your Home Based Business Opportunity


  • Maybe you’ll like it… maybe you won’t
  • This is what I do, you can do the same, but that decision is not up to me
  • I won’t be less motivated if you decide not to join

Things that certainly won’t benefit your home based business when dealing with friends and family:

Hyping something up: my company does something that has never done before, my company offers huge “bonuses” and no other company does that, my company is better than company X. It’s not about “your company”, it’s “your business, so this business is about “you”.

Solution: present the facts :)

Using industry-related terms: upline, downline, retention rate, attrition, market saturation. If someone talks to me in golf terms about his birdie, the first thing I think about something else than the actual golf term. BUT it doesn’t mean that I won’t like golf if he invited me to play a game.

Those people like you (or they don’t) for who you are/were: it’s about “you”, so there’s absolutely no reason to act like a big-time business person. You also don’t need to prove yourself in any kind of way.

Solution: just be yourself :)

Making them believe that you have a “better” solution than their job: people can feel offended if they like their job; if you like what you do and you get paid for it… a job really isn’t that “bad”.

Solution: tell them that you are doing something else and let them make up their own mind about it then. :)

Don’t Create Unrealistic Expectations When You Approach Friends And Family About Your Home Based Business

Many home based business owners tend to forget that the goal is not to make money fast, but to create relationships. So if you’re already trying to make a quick buck by promising family and friends some baloney nonsense, you will find it even harder to promote your home based business opportunity to other people. The biggest mistake you can make is to start begging for them to join you.

I personally also believe that one of the main reasons why people fail with a business opportunity is because they had unrealistic expectations. So if you’re serious about your home based business, you can certainly approach friends and family, but never plant unrealistic expectations in their mind.