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How To Instantly Get Rejected By A Prospect

Hopefully you already figured out that this blog post entitled “how to instantly get rejected by a prospect” is one of my ironic ways to teach people what they shouldn’t be doing. If you struggle with rejection and don’t know how to get over it, I suggest you to read on. If you know how to deal with rejection, you can read on anyway, maybe this post will put a smile on your face. By the way, smiling and having fun are important keys to success; don’t neglect to have fun with your business After reading this blog post you’ll know which things you need to do in order to instantly get rejected by a prospect.

How To Instantly Get Rejected By A Prospect

So why did I write this blog post? During the past weeks several people have contacted me regarding to a certain network marketing coffee deal which just launched in my country. (some people even spammed me through the contact form of this blog, they obviously don’t understand what I mean with “please DO NOT use this contact form to send me unsolicited links!”) Please read on before you send me a similar message telling me that your coffee is better than any other coffee on the market.

Yesterday another woman tried to make a quick buck off me with this same coffee deal. You may know this or not, but people with Addison’s disease (like me) are not allowed to drink coffee, so I would personally never even consider it. This was her answer after I told her that I don’t drink coffee for 2 reasons: 1. I never drank coffee in the past and 2. I’m not allowed to drink coffee. “That’s alright”, she said, “you don’t have to drink coffee to promote it and build a business”.

How Not To Behave When You Get Rejected By A Prospect

I was thinking to myself: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Did she really say that?” It’s even unethical to promote a product that you have no experience with whatsoever. Nevertheless, I wanted to give her a chance on showing what she’s worth. When I told her that, in my opinion, you can’t just go and promote products that you don’t even use yourself, she said that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Hmmm… some people never learn that a networker is a product of the product. How are you going to share your experience with people if you aren’t even using the product. Euhm, you can lie about it? No, even after pointing this out to her, she still didn’t get it and told me that I was a negative person. OMG. :roll:

So What Would A Great Networker Ask Me?

A great networker listens to the people and their story instead of trying to make a quick buck. If you want to make a quick buck, I suggest you to open a shop or create websites and learn more about internet marketing and how to sell products online.

Someone who cares about me and my needs would ask me why I’m not allowed to drink coffee. Maybe this coffee doesn’t include ingredients that are bad for my body… maybe it could even be good for me… maybe I have a girlfriend who’s an avid coffee drinker and also interested in making money? She will never know because she didn’t do any effort to listen to me. Her loss.

Here are the things that you can do to instantly get rejected by a prospect:

  • Keep talking about your opportunity and how much money other people have made with it.
  • Keep sending your links, even if the prospect told you that she or he already knows about the opportunity. You really won’t piss off that person.
  • Don’t listen. In fact don’t even do the slightest effort to understand the reasons why the prospect is currently not interested. If you don’t listen to your prospect right now, you’ll also never know if she or her would be interested in the future. But you don’t really have to know that because you don’t care about the person anyway. You only care about selling your stuff right now!
  • Insult that person when she or he would like to discuss the opportunity. Not being able to deal with an honest and open discussion surely shows what a great leader you are. That’s some great posture. Your prospect will respect you for it.
  • Say things like this: are you still working that crappy job? Damn, luckily I’m not like you, check out this link, you’ll never have to work your stupid job ever again.

But what can you do in order to avoid rejection or even better not even having the feeling of being rejected? There are simple ways to keep your posture open and positive. Never ever act as if you know everything better Listen and interact based on what people say, instead of based on the script that you have in front of you. Scripts are for actors, your prospect is real and not fake.

Maybe you’d like to know what a successful sales person does while prospecting. Whenever you are talking to someone about a business opportunity, you have to focus on the benefits of the benefits of the product or service, which I explain in the previous blog post. Feel free to share other ways to instantly get rejected by a prospect in the comment section of this post; I always have time for a laugh.