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How To Find The Best Home Based Business Opportunity

If you were expecting a presentation of the “best home based business opportunity” in this blog post here, then I have to disappoint you. I wouldn’t be able to talk about that best home based business opportunity simply because this is subjective.  Each home based business has its advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post you’ll learn more about that and also which things are really required to build a successful home based business.

The Best Home Based Business Opportunity Only Exists In People’s Mind

Have you ever been contacted by a home based business entrepreneur who keeps telling you that he or she offers you the best thing ever since sliced bread? Pressuring you to join his or her home based business opportunity or buy the product because it will change your life no matter what?

I know that this is a caricature of how a home based business entrepreneur markets a business opportunity or product, but sometimes they really market this way. The truth is that the best home based business opportunity only exists in your mind. I can show you an easy way to make money online, but if you don’t understand how that business works, it won’t be the best home based business opportunity for you. Maybe for other people, but certainly not for you.

You Are Not Selling The “Best Home Based Business Opportunity”, But A Way To Change Lives

Now first of all, you have to understand that there are always 2 perspectives in this situation. I might like Coca-Cola, but the home based business entrepreneur offers me Pepsi. So as a marketer you need to find out what your prospect prefers and how his or her product can benefit that person. Maybe I have never even tried Pepsi, so I can’t know whether I like it or not. Secondly, there are different reasons why people join a home based business. If you don’t have a real motivation for your actions, you will never even take action to get where you supposedly want to be. It’s not about selling a product or an opportunity, but about offering a way to change someone’s life.

Besides your why, there are 3 things that are required to build a successful home based business:

  • Training: if someone isn’t willing to follow the training and learn on a daily basis, you shouldn’t be wasting time on him or her.
  • Money: all home based business opportunities require a financial input to get started. If you join an mlm, you will have to pay your autoship (monthly commitment), while in affiliate marketing there’s usually a one-time cost. No matter which business opportunity you join, you will have to make a small financial sacrifice in order to get started (or to keep your business going). The wussies who are not willing to work their home based business will even complain about the start-up cost. People who always complain about not having money will never do the effort to learn how to make money.
  • Work: then there’s the work-factor. If you’re telling people that they will become a millionaire within one year without doing any work, you are setting them up for failure. Some people get demotivated quickly. Make sure that they have healthy expectations of what is really possible.

The Best Home Based Business Is All About What Fits YOU Best

Building a home based business is all about taking the small steps first. Some people sound like they are going to conquer the world, but in the end never really get started. It’s sad to see this happening because I personally believe that many people have a lot of potential, but don’t even achieve 5% of what they can really achieve. Remember that if you want to change who you are, you first have to change what you do. Now if you haven’t found the best home based business opportunity yet (so the one that fits YOU best), don’t give up, keep learning and then you will inevitably succeed.