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How To Create Free Lead Capture Pages

One of the biggest challenges for internet marketing newbies is creating a marketing system. I already explained several times how you can set up your own marketing systems here and here. When you’re promoting a business opportunity, the sales funnel is the most important aspect of your marketing system. Lead capture pages are the first step of sales funnels.

What’s The Purpose Of A Sales Funnel?

The goal of a sale funnel is to drive potential customers to a sale. Besides attracting enough potential customers, keeping those customers in front of your product/service is another important aspect of the sales process. With a sales funnel you can put an unlimited amount of potential customers in front of your product/service, collect their information and keep them focused on your offer.

War Of The Sales Funnels

With millions of people making money online these days, there already millions of (good and bad) sales funnels out there. Nowadays it’s no longer the question: how do I create a sales funnel or lead capture page? (you can find hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube) It’s more about “how do I create one that is effective and actually works?”

How To Create Effective Lead Capture Pages & Sales Funnels

People buy from people and therefore effective lead capture pages and sales funnels are those who enable you to connect with other people. And the easiest way to connect to a massive amount of people is by video marketing. A personal video message like on this capture page makes you stand out from the millions of generic landing pages that are already out there.

lead capture pages

There are hundreds of home based business opportunities, but in the end people join because of YOU. So if you want to make the sale, you’ll have to make the offer yourself. And by the way, it’s also much easier to make videos and share them with millions of people than to go door by door and ring the bell. exclaim

In the video below I show you how you can create your own free lead capture pages with simpleleadcapture.com. You will be amazed to see how easy this is.

The Advantages Of Creating Lead Capture Pages

Now that you know how to create good-looking, effective, simple and free lead capture pages, you might still be wondering why you would go through all that trouble… after all: most affiliate marketing companies already offer their own marketing tools and system!

Here are a few other advantages of creating your own lead capture pages:

  • You are collecting emails within your own autoresponder system.
  • You can customize your follow-up messages yourself rather than only relying on the marketing system of your affiliate marketing company. A personal touch is important remember.
  • Only using the landing pages of the affliate marketing company you’re working with limits your marketing strategy. When you use your own sales funnel, sales and landing pages, you can split-test your pages.
  • If you still think this is all too technical for you, just use the company’s marketing system. What many people who are not internet techies also do is put a couple of presentations on YouTube or a self-hosted domain and share those with potential customers.

A sales funnel is in the end just a tool that makes your life easier. You still have to do the most important thing: get people to watch your offer/presentation. Anyway, I hope the video and this blog post helped you. Have fun with creating your first lead capture pages and once you’re done with setting up your page, you can start driving targeted traffic to it!