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How To Build The Best Internet Marketing Business Ever

I know that the title of this blog post “How To Build The Best Internet Marketing Business Ever” may sound a bit silly. I realise that you probably, not even with my help, won’t build the best EVER. However, I’m a 100% sure that using some of my internet marketing tips will help you to explode your online business.

How To Find The Best Internet Marketing Business

There are 5 main reasons why many people who just get started online don’t know how to find and build the best internet marketing business. I made a short summary of them in the following overview. The most important thing when looking into online business opportunities is to avoid the bad ones that are just out there to take your money and run.

5 Tips On Finding The Best Internet Marketing Business

  1. There are thousands of ways to make money online. Don’t chase every deal that’s out there, because soon you will no longer be able to see the forest for the trees. Consistency and focus on building a business is still the key to earn residual income. Some online businesses offer free tools that could help you to build the best internet marketing business ever. Some of them could help you, but keep in mind that no tool will ever replace the number one reason for success: you.
  2. If you’re checking out a website with many colourful banners that offer you the “opportunity of a lifetime”, you should be cautious. Many of these programs could be ponzi schemes that offer you no real product or a chance for long-term success.
  3. Don’t put much trust in a marketing movie in which a homeless guy supposedly made $1 million in 3 months by using a simple online system. Firstly, homeless people don’t have access to the internet and secondly, in order to make money online, you do need to spend some time on training and education. Avoid the kind of marketing movies that don’t explain how their online “system” works. There’s a reason why they aren’t giving you an honest explanation in the beginning.
  4. Be careful when joining an online business opportunity that uses a cheap mass produced website. In addition, you can also judge the legitimacy of the company by the amount of training or (marketing) support the opportunity offers. Programs without quality training are often run by people who are only interested in your money. The best internet marketing business sets up a training system that makes it possible for total online newbies to achieve massive success. It’s pointless to get started with someone that doesn’t give you the feeling that anybody can do it.
  5. Avoid sites that don’t provide you with any kind of personal information or contact details. A company or business that cares about people doesn’t play hide and seek. Genuine business opportunities are always easy to be contacted by email, phone or by attending events.

If you have ever felt like being the victim of a bad internet marketing business opportunity, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because many people have gone through the same thing. It’s very normal to make a bad decision every once in a while, but we learn from our mistakes and therefore I personally believe that there’s no reason to panic (as long as you keep learning).

Key Factors To Build The Best Internet Marketing Business

The most important factors that will make you successful are: training, support and consistency. If you can find a way to integrate those three factors in your marketing system, you will certainly have a chance on building that best internet marketing business ever.

  • john

    Hi Jens. I would like to work on-line but have not a clue how to start. The more I look at sites and approaches the more apprehensive I become. I realize most sites try to monetize with products such as magnetic sponsoring. I’m 68 and I’m semi retired . I’ve been blessed with 7 little grand kids. I have started to put money away for their future schooling cost. My reason for involvement would be to make some money , but I really want to be free to pursue other interest. I have looked at an MLM called sozo coffeeberry. They have different price points you can enter in at. The higher entry level will double your commissions, but if your not a good marketer why not enter in at 30.00 and learn as you go. What are your thoughts. I have looked at the banner add biz is that something a newbie could do? By the way I moved to the usa in 1954. I still remember being in my little school as we listed to the corronation of queen Elizabeth of England. And of course I did not understand a word of english. I was born in Delfzyl Gronningen. Look forward to hearing from You. John Siebesma. tot siens

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi John

      That’s the reason why I don’t promote courses like Magnetic Sponsoring, these courses teach people things that you can learn for free. I would feel bad about promoting them and making people pay for it. Sozo is mlm, you will have to make sales to make money. Banners Broker is online advertising, all you have to do is a few clicks and of course learn how it works. BB does everything for you, you can make unlimited income, even if you don’t promote the company.

  • leanne

    Hi Jens! I am enjoying your insightful blogs!! In fact, I arrived here because I am researching a certain network after watching “a marketing movie in which a homeless guy supposedly made $1 million in 3 months by using a simple online system.”!!!
    I am new to online marketing and researching each “opportunity”. I was actually impressed with this particular “homeless guy” company, the low entry fee, and the quality of the marketing. Now, I am not sure.
    I tried Mary Kay Cosmetics for a while. I am horrible at setting up parties, etc. but I am passionate about the internet, know my way around blogs, and have a Post-Master’s certificate in Instructional Design. I know I can market, created powerful promotional videos, and use the internet to make money…the question is this: What residual income home based business do I choose??? :)

    • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

      Hi Leanne, I’m not going to advise you on what you should do in particular, because… well, it’s NOT about me, it’s about YOU. But I’m glad you enjoy some of my stuff. It’s good to see that you are taking your time to study the online marketing industry and I’m sure that you will be successful this way. Do what works for you!