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How To Be A Better Sales Person

Even if you have the knowledge and skills to create websites or systems that do the selling for you, I’m sure that everyone you would like to learn how to be a better sales person. This is hardcore sales training that a lot of people aren’t familiar with and hence they fail to use these principles. You’ll know how to be a better sales person by the end of this blog post.

Why You Should Learn How To Be A Better Sales Person

Many people believe that your success as a home based business owner depends on the size of your network. Although this is partially true (to whom are you going to sell something if you don’t know any people?!), there’s one factor that will be decisive for your success. Even 95% of the top leaders in all kinds of home based businesses like network marketing, affiliate marketing or success and lifestyle coaching don’t know what is really required to be a better sales person. Applying this principle will make you stand out from the rest.

“We spend money that we do not have on things we do not need to impress people who do not care.”  - Will Smith

We can agree that this Will Smith-quote sounds a bit stereotypical. BUT I included it in this blog post because it explains why many people buy stuff. However, let’s not forget that a good sale is a sale that makes a genuine difference in someone’s life or solves a certain problem. :idea:

How To Be A Better Sales Person: The Principles

Most sales persons focus on what a product or service can do instead of focusing on the difference it can make in people’s life and their surroundings. A lot of people aren’t actually interested in the actual power of a product or service; what most people are really interested in are the benefits of it. They find the effect it can have on their life much more important than the product or service itself. And by the way: many people are looking for approval of other people daily. (hence the Will Smith-quote) If a product can provoke a positive reaction of their environment, you can be sure that some people will show a natural interest in it. I’m sure that you know many people who are doing things or buying stuff just to impress other people.

How The Better Sales Person Sells A Skin Care Product

How most sales people sell it: this skin care product is an all natural nutrient-rich formula that contains more antioxidants than any other product on the market. By using this product you will look up to 3 years younger.

Someone who focuses on the benefits: just think about what will happen to your skin while using this product. You already look stunning, but this skin care product will make you look like your 18-year old sister.

Someone who focuses on the benefits of the benefits: just imagine that you’re with your boyfriend in a spa and a guy who’s working there is giving you a massage. He tells you that your skin feels amazing: it’s so much softer than the skin of most women, including his own girlfriend, in fact he would love to have a girlfriend just like you. Imagine that your boyfriend gets totally jealous? Word would travel fast when his friends girlfriends hear about that dude who tried to hit on you!

How The Better Sales Person Sells A Mini Cooper

How most sales people sell it: this Mini Cooper has a 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder/16 V engine with a top speed of 200 km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h: 9.1 s. This environmentally friendly car is perfect for single people just like you.

Someone who focuses on the benefits: if you’re looking for an eco-friendly car that is fun to drive and also looking great, this Mini Cooper could be something for you. You look like someone who likes to have fun and understands the benefits of driving a small car.

Someone who focuses on the benefits of the benefits: did you ever curse because you weren’t able to find a parking spot that’s big enough for your car? Imagine that you can park almost everywhere with this Mini Cooper. Your family and friends will surely no longer make fun of your driving skills, because this car will bring the fun back in driving from party to party. What about going to Paris and actually being able to find a parking spot in this big romantic city?

Do you see the difference in the way you are approaching your potential customer? The first sales person doesn’t focus on what other people actually need or want. The second sales person does much better. She or he is focusing on the actual benefits that are the result of using the product. The third sales person is rocking it. She or he understands what drives a human being and manages to create a future image of what could happen in the prospect’s life. And most importantly: this principle focuses on lifestyle rather than usage benefits.

If you use this principle, you will no longer need to force people to buy something that they actually don’t really need. Keep studying these principles and you’ll definitely learn how to be a better sales person; there’s really nothing you can’t learn.