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How The Corporate World Is Using Us To Promote Products Online

Whenever you read a title that includes “promote products online”, you’re expecting to learn how to build a website and promote it on the internet right? Well, I’m sorry, but in this blog post you won’t find any information on how to attract customers for your business. If you do want to learn how you can promote products online, I suggest you to go through some of the information on my blog here later on. In this blog post I expose how the corporate world will use us (and as a matter a fact is already using us, you just don’t realize it) to promote products online. If you read on, you will also understand why I’m telling you now that the word “using” actually has a very positive connotation in this post.

How Did Advertising Work Before Corporates Could Promote Products Online?

First, we need to have a short look at the reasons why the first corporates started to create advertising. The ultimate goal of advertising is to create interest in products by means of exposure. Back in the days, achieving that goal was very simple and straightforward. Most people were followers and also didn’t have the financial and intelligent capacities to think for themselves. So their only option was to think what they were being told by the media, politics and big corporates. It was easy: tell people that smoking is cool, relaxing and not harmful and half of them become addicted to tobacco.

You basically didn’t even need to tell them. Tobacco companies could easily put up a billboard with a hot young woman who’s smoking and they already managed to influence the minds of 90% of the male target market. :twisted:

I’m personally numb (or I think I am) to this kind of advertising and I also tend to believe that I’m currently not and won’t be the only one in the near future.

BUT times have changed. Okay, 90% of the male target market still enjoys looking at images of hot young women of course, but… most of us no longer abide by the indoctrination of the system. (cf. Occupy Wallstreet) Some of us also always think to know better, but that’s another story. My point here is that (most) people start to think for themselves.

“Hey, many people that I know who smoke also seem to have respiratory problems and some of them even died of lung cancer, there must be something wrong.” :?:

Mass education gave people the power to draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions and whether the corporate world likes it or not, it has affected their advertising strategies. You have 2 contradictions here: smarter people created new and revolutionary products in favor of the corporates, but the customers have become critics and therefore the corporates need to revise their advertising strategies. In addition, we now have the power of something wonderful called “the internet”. Through the internet opinions suddenly become facts and people receive the power to break or make a brand, pop star, professional athlete…

Corporates Recognize The Opportunity Of Using The Customer To Promote Products Online

Nevertheless, mass consumption has produced a world full of greed and superficiality, but on the other hand it has also created an environment of limitless opportunities. Big corporates recognize the opportunity of using the customer to promote products online and are using it in their advantage.

Let’s say that the Coca-Cola Company launches a new drink. They will need a platform to promote it. TV stations, radio stations, newspapers… are all ways to brand their new product, but the downsides here are that it’s very expensive and there’s a lot of competition that is using the same advertising channels. Although The Coca-Cola Company has the power to crush every competitor, the company will always look for new, cheaper and more effective ways to promote products online. So the next step is using people’s (the potential customers) social network to promote their new drink and one of the best ways to do that is through the internet. Almost everyone has a social network profile these days and the easiest way to brand a new product is by finding a way to make people share the product. (the “Like contests” on Facebook for example: find at least 100 people who “like” this and you can win a trip to country x sponsored by company y)

Don’t Network Marketing Companies Use People To Promote Products Online?

Yeah, I can hear some of you already thinking “hold on, isn’t that exactly what the network marketing industry is all about?” I’m telling you: “NO, it’s not.”

In network marketing people get paid for selling a product, but in my example people get paid to advertise (or promote) someone else’s product (website) and you don’t even have to make the sale. You basically become a broker between the company (the website you promote) and the customer. In network marketing on the other hand 95% of the people fail because they don’t know how to make those necessary sales. :cry:

The fact is that regular people have so much more power in comparison to 100 years ago. If you don’t realize this, you can just keep living like most people did in the 20th century. That’s fine, but the world is always evolving and innovation creates enormous opportunities.

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