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How Not To Contact A Home Based Business Professional

Many people who get started with a home based business understand that they will achieve more success when they share their opportunity with a home based business professional instead of someone who is not business-minded. It’s quite obvious that you will have less success if you focus on talking to people who have no business experience whatsoever. In this blog post I have enlisted 3 things that you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to get instantly rejected when you are talking to a home based business professional.

Act Like A Home Based Business Professional

Whenever you are talking to people about your home based business opportunity, there are always general rules that you need to follow. Some people believe that you need to show others that you have “made it” or that you are the best sales person in the world. I’ll have to disappoint you if you think the same way. In fact, people couldn’t care less about your success. The only thing they want to know is whether or not they can achieve the same.

3 Things That You Shouldn’t Do When You Contact A Home Based Business Professional

  1. Asking obvious questions: successful networkers know that you need to ask your prospect questions in order to make her or him interested. It’s not a matter of being “right or wrong” when you are prospecting; it’s a matter of having something valuable to offer. Good luck if you decide not to listen to the home based business professional. You will need it.
  2. Asking someone if he or she is open to “another” business opportunity: the problem that many people encounter is that they don’t want to listen to what other people have to offer, so all they do is go on about their business opportunity. A home based business professional is not really looking for another opportunity, but she or he will respect you much more if you take the time to listen to her or his needs. And that’s where it all starts anyway… with mutual respect. Read this blog post to learn why your relationship with professionals is much more valuable than you just trying to recruit people.
  3. Sending a standard copy-pasted message: I get these all the time, through this blog for example. Although my contact form clearly states that I do not wish to receive links, some people still can’t help themselves. People who send me links don’t know how to build a home based business, so they waste their time on spamming every website they can find. Most of them don’t understand that just like on a social network site there’s a real person behind the website, so you have to treat that person the same way. Read this blog post to learn what you shouldn’t be doing when you’re contacting people in cyberspace.

A Home Based Business Professional Is Not Interested In A Sales Message

Here’s an industry secret: everyone with a home based business has something to sell. Okay, that’s not much of a secret, I know. People aren’t idiots: they know that you are trying to make a sale. So when you are going to sell something to a home based business professional you surely have to do much better than a simple sales message. If you want to contact a home based business professional and she or he notices that you’re not even making a real connection, you will probably instantly get rejected and that’s exactly what you want to avoid right?