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How Loyalty Can Make You Go Broke In A Home Based Business

You often hear me say that you need a long-term marketing plan if you want to be successful with your home based business. A lack of commitment and vision is namely in many cases the reason why people fail. If you happen to be someone who doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that online marketing newbies make, you should read this blog post first. In this blog post I explain why loyalty can make you go broke in a home based business, even though you think that you’re doing everything you can to succeed.

The Definition Of Loyalty

Loyalty And Commitment Are NOT Synonyms

Some people confuse loyalty with commitment. In fact, loyalty has nothing to do with commitment at all when you are building a business. You can be as loyal as a dog. If you’re not taking action, you will never achieve success. Football hooligans for example are extremely loyal, but no matter what they do to support their team, if the team simply isn’t good enough, it won’t win. It are the players who need to be committed to do everything they can to win. Loyalty only means that they aren’t thinking about joining another team. So commitment obviously transcendents loyalty in every possible way.

Stop being so damn loyal to a business opportunity in which you have never made any money. If you love the products or service, keep buying them if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, do something that will make you money.

Loyalty Can Be The Reason Why You Are Going Broke

What happens if you are loyal, but show no commitment? Well, it’s like going to school without paying attention in class and refusing to do your homework. Or you can be loyal to your wife by never cheating on her, but at the same time not even loving her. Will your wife be happy with your loyalty in this case? I don’t think so… :shock:

Let’s use a website as a perfect example. If you know a bit about the internet and online advertising, you should know that you can make a lot of money with websites. Now the only ways to monetize that website is by selling products or services or earning advertising revenue. If you want to do that, you will need to learn how to drive (the right) traffic to it. You can be loyal by regularly checking how your website is doing or you can show commitment by learning how to increase your website traffic.

Some of the most loyal, but at the same time unsuccessful, people are to be found in the mlm industry. These people have enrolled one person (or a few people) in their organization after a year and keep saying that one day they will be financially free. Are you kidding me? They will need a 100 years in order to enroll 100 people, which is about the average amount of direct referrals that you need in order to be financially free in mlm. “It only takes 1″ is the saying that they use. No, that’s absolutely BS. You need dozens of people who actually roll up their sleeves and get started with building their business. Nevertheless, these kind of people mostly stay loyal for about a year. Once they notice that their dreams aren’t being answered, they drop out completely or join a similar deal in which they will probably also fail.

Never allow your loyalty to make you go broke, but start carrying out habits that will give you everything you desire in life.