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Google Mostly Cares About The Amount Of Traffic On Your Website Now

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, maybe you will have read the previous blog post about search engine rankings and how Google algorithm changes can affect the amount of traffic on your website. Maybe you have also been asking yourself why Google no longer wants you to worry about improving your search engine ranking. Why would it benefit Google if people no longer spam the internet with thousands of low quality backlinks in the hope to improve their rankings? You’ll learn more about that in this blog post. I must remind you that this is just what I personally believe, so it’s not statistically proven; just common sense.

Imagine that you’re casting actors for a movie and you have to pick out 10 actors out of 100 contestants. Now imagine that there are 100,000 contestants and you have to pick out the best actors. The average talent of your 10 actors will be higher than when you only had 100 contestants, but the procedure would be cluttered and endless. This is what Google is doing online nowadays. The internet is growing so fast and I believe that they want to make work of separating the wheat from the chaff. By punishing most of the low quality sites, they are trying to set a standard. Don’t forget that there are other search engines out there too. In order to stay on top they will have to keep offering a top quality service. Although they aren’t always succeeding in that, they are nonetheless trying and you have to give them credit for that.

Things To Remember To Get A Great Amount Of Traffic On Your Website

1. Quality Beats Quantity

Google for instance is now moving on to a business model in which only relevant links really matter. (that’s what they claim of course) It used to be quite easy to rank a site for a low competitive keyword  by creating lots of backlinks (sometimes even the same time of backlinks). The only thing that I’m sure of now is that this is no longer super effective. The good news is that people no longer need to put a lot of time and energy in creating those backlinks. If you have good content and focus on the quality of your website, you will reap the rewards. There are many different ways to increase the quality of your site. You can learn more about that in this blog post.

2. Your Brand Itself Can Bring In A Great Amount Of Traffic On Your Website

Before the internet branding was even much more important. Think about how giants like Coca-Cola have built a recognizable brand. Whenever people talk about a certain product, they immediately link it to that specific brand.

The same thing has been happening online. Nowadays people talk about “to google something” while nobody talks about “to yahoo something”. Google is also the home page for most internet users. Talking about branding: you go online and every day you are seeing “Google” right in front of you. You didn’t even have the intention to surf to that specific website. You didn’t even think about Google and you’re on their site. This is the cheapest type of direct traffic that a website can have.

Advertising on television these days also focuses on direct internet traffic. Next time when you’re watching television, you should pay attention to how many times they mention the website in a television ad. These billion dollar companies get loads of traffic just because they are mentioning their site at the end of each ad. You may disagree with whether or not these ads influence you, but they do work in general otherwise there wouldn’t be so much money involved in the advertising industry.

3. Diversify

As I already mentioned before, having thousands of low quality backlinks doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to have relevant content online, people will now have to pay more attention to diversification. It’s like when you’re looking for the perfect shoes: the more stores you visit, the bigger the chance you will find them. The more you diversify your content online, the bigger the chance that a potential customer will find you. And that’s also what Google wants: the best stores at the best places. So your website needs to be linked to other high quality sites that provide visitors.

Doing guest blog posts, building links on video sites and social network traffic are the perfect examples of great diversification. You can still do blog commenting and article marketing to increase the amount of traffic on your website, but the biggest problem here is that the internet has grown way too big to rely on one specific strategy. There are now thousands of article directory sites and most of them put little to no value into the marketplace.

Paid traffic, if done right, can still work as well And knowing that Google is the biggest online advertising company in the world, this kind of traffic will become more important in the future. Making paid traffic a part of a general SEO strategy is a way for Google to monetize their dominance on the internet. Advertisers already get positioned on top of the search engine results for specific keywords. (however, the amount actual visitors is lower than the organic search results) If Google makes your amount of paid traffic relevant in SEO, this will become a very powerful tool to maintain their dominance. Advertisers need Google because they have the most internet users, so they will do whatever it takes to satisfy the company.

The Amount Of Traffic On Your Website Builds Or Kills Your Business

How many times have you heard people say that they have a beautiful website now, but they don’t REALLY know why it needs traffic and how to monetize it? Advertising and online marketing is all about the amount of traffic on your website. Traffic and websites are interdependent and without those two there wouldn’t be internet. Hopefully this blog post taught you more about having a great amount of traffic on your website and if you have experience with certain strategies, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment.