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Good Blogging Advice That Will Benefit Your Online Business

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you should  definitely look for some good blogging advice. That’s probably what you are doing now right? Otherwise you wouldn’t arrive on this blog post that talks about good blogging advice.

Good Blogging Advice

In this blog post I give you 3 blogging tips that will give you an idea of what you might be doing wrong (if that’s the case for you). Just like with almost everything in life you have to learn how blogging works. Time is money and you don’t want to look back in time and realize that you could have done a lot better if you had some good blogging advice.

Good Blogging Advice Tip 1: Unique Content

Some people start their blogging adventure by copy-pasting content from other sources. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be doing that. For starters, if you copy-paste stuff, your content is not unique and search engines like Google like unique content. Secondly, when you copy-paste content from various other sources, all of your posts will have a different layout or use of language. I give more examples of this kind of abuse of content in this blog post.

Try to create unique content and learn how to do keyword research, so that you’re not spending time on writing content that has no chance on ever being found.  I searched for the results of the keyword “good blogging advice”. I found around 120,000 search results on Google. Although there aren’t many people who are looking for these specific keywords, I’ll still get quite some visitors through search engines because there’s not a lot of competition. Moreover, whenever people who just get started with their blog see the title of this blog post, there’s a big chance that they will click on the link and read this post.

A great blog post has at least 500 words, a keyword density of 1 to 2% (how many times a keyword is being used; so you need to use the keyword 1 or 2 times per 100 words) and 3 different header titles that include the keyword. This is not the Holy Grail of blog content creation, but it gives you an idea… I’m not going to use “good blogging advice” as main keyword when I only use it once in my blog post. So I need to add it a few times to match a great keyword density rate.

Good Blogging Advice Tip 2: Valuable Content

Whenever you write a new blog post, you have to make sure that you actually have something to say. You aren’t going to read this blog post if it doesn’t benefit your online business. If the title says “good blogging advice”, but my advice really sucks, you’re going to think that I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well, I don’t want that to happen of course. So I need to offer you something valuable.

Good Blogging Advice Tip 3: Consistency

Engage yourself to do regular postings (at least 2 blog posts a week). If you have just started your blog and you don’t have any content yet, you will have to blog daily just to make sure that the ball starts to roll. You’re not going to see results if you only blog once a month.

You can also create a plan of action that ensures you a daily routine. For example: you commit yourself to finishing a new post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. You can use the other days to do other valuable stuff that will benefit your online business or even research for new blog posts. Remember that it’s pointless to have websites online when you’re not using them efficiently. I notice that when I don’t commit myself to blog on a consistent basis I even start to forget about it. We’re creatures of habit; that’s why there are so many addicted people. Whenever you make something a habit, you never forget about doing it.

The problem with habits that make people money in a home based business is that they require offer and time, which are things that not all of us use in our advantage. If someone has the habit to work his or her home based business, he or she will become smoking rich. So you have to focus on your habits instead of the results and then the results will follow in a natural way. I talk more about why you should focus on your habits in this blog post.

I Also Needed Good Blogging Advice

There’s always a learning curve when you get started with something. I personally made one big mistake when I first got started with blogging. I was writing blog posts, but in most cases I didn’t offer valuable content. More than a half of the people who visited my blog just read one post and left, which is not how a website should work of course.

Luckily I quickly realized that I was doing it all wrong. A website needs consistent traffic and visitors that are genuinely interested in what it has to offer. Hopefully this good blogging advice will benefit your online business, so that you don’t make the same mistakes that most bloggers out there make.