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Seperating The Real From The Fake

On this page, you will find information regarding the difference between real and fake marketing.

Elijah “DeLorean” Johnson: A Get Rich Quick Marketing Failure

If you regularly spend some time on Facebook, there’s a big chance that you have heard of the self-proclaimed superstar DeLorean. Literally thousands of people have already enjoyed following his soap opera online. DeLorean claims to be an artist while the music that he sells is actually stolen from a real singer called Fedarro. DeLorean also claimed to have worked with big names in the R&B industry while nobody has …Read More

Why You Don’t Need To Pay For Internet Marketing Consultation

If you have ever paid someone for internet marketing consultation, but achieved little to no results then this blog post is for you. First of all, I would like to remind you that this blog post talks about why I personally would never spend money on internet marketing consultation. his pleading is merely to show you that most things can be learned for free. If you feel like you really …Read More

How To Protect Yourself From Online Marketing Failure

With some many people having access to the internet who are in a position to make money online, it’s almost impossible that you have never been confronted with online marketing failure. I mean, everybody knows at least one person who says to have tried to make money online, but it didn’t work out right? If you’re an internet marketing newbie and would like to know how you can protect yourself …Read More

The Facts About Online Multiple Income Streams

The amount of blogs and forums that discuss online multiple income streams are almost infinite these days. You’re probably doing some research now and already noticed that separating the wheat from the chaff is sometimes a tough job. In this blog post I explain some of the facts about online multiple income streams. The Facts About Online Multiple Income Streams If you’re connected to people who are involved in online …Read More

Do You Really Want To Do Better Online?

How many times do I hear people telling me that they really want to do better online? At least weekly I must say. “But I don’t know how” or “can you teach me how” are usually the meaningless arguments for never getting started. I mean, what do you expect of me? That I’m selling you a course of $50 that teaches you how to create a blog or website while …Read More

Are You Blogging Or Flogging?

Have you ever counted the amount of people who are taking advantage of social media, video marketing and blogging just to flog us to death with their home based business opportunity or deals? Every time they put out their sales message, it’s always with the main intention to make a quick buck or to pound us over the head with their “irresistible” offer. Are You Blogging Or Flogging? Things get …Read More

3 Misunderstandings In Internet Marketing

Every once in a while someone asks me how they can learn to make money with internet marketing. In some of these cases people are looking for a quick fix that doesn’t require training or hard work. However, the truth is that internet marketing is not such a thing like counting until 10. Internet marketing is dynamic, so as an online marketer your learning process never ends. There are several …Read More

What Magnetic Marketing Really Is

There’s something special and at the same time dubious about modern marketing strategies like magnetic marketing and other forms of passive marketing. Along with the rise of the internet came the opportunity to buy, sell and market products in an effortless fashion. I’m using the word effortless on purpose because in reality effortless doesn’t exist. So no, magnetic marketing is not the magical formula that will turn you into a …Read More

Why Buying One Internet Marketing Tool After Another Won’t Help You

Many people dream of becoming a full-time internet marketer and in an attempt to make that happen some of them buy one internet marketing tool after another. Don’t feel bad if you have already spent money on an internet marketing tool and afterwards had to conclude that you wasted your money. We have all done it and you learn from your mistakes. Just make sure that you don’t fall for …Read More

Brand New Home Based Business Opportunity That Will Blow Everything Else Away

Hey, you would be crazy not to join this brand new home based business opportunity. People from all over the world, with or without experience, are already joining and it’s going to explode soon. They recognize that this brand new home based business opportunity is better than everything else out there. Get in right now before you lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime. You can get paid on …Read More