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On this page, you will be able to read more articles regarding self-realization.

The Facts About Online Multiple Income Streams

The amount of blogs and forums that discuss online multiple income streams are almost infinite these days. You’re probably doing some research now and already noticed that separating the wheat from the chaff is sometimes a tough job. In this blog post I explain some of the facts about online multiple income streams. The Facts About Online Multiple Income Streams If you’re connected to people who are involved in online …Read More

Do You Really Want To Do Better Online?

How many times do I hear people telling me that they really want to do better online? At least weekly I must say. “But I don’t know how” or “can you teach me how” are usually the meaningless arguments for never getting started. I mean, what do you expect of me? That I’m selling you a course of $50 that teaches you how to create a blog or website while …Read More

My Parents Taught Me Some Important Financial Lessons

If you want to live a worry-free financial life, financial lessons are indispensable. I was lucky to be raised in a family that knew how to handle money. This is probably also one of the main reasons for my success in online business. Too many times people get in debt simply because they have no clue how to manage their finances. The biggest culture shock I experienced after arriving in Guam …Read More

Are You Blogging Or Flogging?

Have you ever counted the amount of people who are taking advantage of social media, video marketing and blogging just to flog us to death with their home based business opportunity or deals? Every time they put out their sales message, it’s always with the main intention to make a quick buck or to pound us over the head with their “irresistible” offer. Are You Blogging Or Flogging? Things get …Read More

3 Misunderstandings In Internet Marketing

Every once in a while someone asks me how they can learn to make money with internet marketing. In some of these cases people are looking for a quick fix that doesn’t require training or hard work. However, the truth is that internet marketing is not such a thing like counting until 10. Internet marketing is dynamic, so as an online marketer your learning process never ends. There are several …Read More

Are You Really Independent As A Home Based Business Owner?

With many new home based business opportunities coming out each year, working from home is now more popular than ever before. You can basically do anything you like to make more money from home these days. You can join mlm companies, do affiliate or online marketing, trading and investment and so much more… but the question that you could ask yourself is whether or not you are really an indepedent …Read More

How To Overcome Distractions As A Home Based Business Entreneur

Any successful person knows that when you want to be productive you have to learn how to recognize and overcome distractions. However, sometimes distractions can also help you to relax and forget about your worries for a while. Examples of postive distractions are sports, meditation or simply doing something that relaxes you. In this blog post you’ll learn why you have to make sure that distractions don’t turn into non-profitable …Read More

How To Achieve Internet Marketing Success

Sometimes you hear these crazy stories about people and their internet marketing success and you just really wished that one day this is you. If you’re reading this blog post, then you’re most probably ready for internet marketing success. Internet Marketing Success Training One of the main reasons why home based business entrepreneurs fail at achieving real results is because there’s no training or study required to get started. I …Read More

What Magnetic Marketing Really Is

There’s something special and at the same time dubious about modern marketing strategies like magnetic marketing and other forms of passive marketing. Along with the rise of the internet came the opportunity to buy, sell and market products in an effortless fashion. I’m using the word effortless on purpose because in reality effortless doesn’t exist. So no, magnetic marketing is not the magical formula that will turn you into a …Read More