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On this page, you will find reviews of companies, online businesses and products.

Easy Deal Builder Proves That Scarcity Marketing Sells

What Is The Scarcity Marketing Principle? Scarcity is a marketing strategy based on the fear people have when a product or service is being offered for a limited time or quantity. It’s certainly not just in online marketing that you see special promotions that only run for a limited time. This kind of marketing has been used for decades and to be honest, the last few years it’s really all …Read More

Free eBook Download: The Ultimate Traffic Guide

What Is The Ultimate Traffic Guide? The Ultimate Traffic Guide is a free eBook that teaches you how you to increase traffic to your website. It was written by me and focuses on the different online marketing strategies that every internet marketer should use to increase their targeted traffic and as a result also their income. The Ultimate Traffic Guide contains down-to-earth information and is written in understandable language. Implementing …Read More

10 Myths About “The Online Shopper”

Every day people who are making (economical) policy decisions are being inundated with forecasts of rapidly emerging phenomena. Here are just a few of them: the table and smartphone that eventually would become the dominant retail method, the physical store that is disappearing, the increasingly important role of social media as a shopping platform for the next generation of young shoppers… We simply can’t ignore the fact that all of …Read More

How Gangnam Style Musician PSY Became A Millionaire Thanks To Online Advertising

If you don’t know the South Korean rapper PSY and his Gangnam Style song, then you must have been living under a rock during 2012. Various sources estimate that the song generated approximately $8 million with online advertising (YouTube pay-per-click) alone. Yes, you have read that right. $8 million. If you’re a musician and you think that there’s no more money to be made with music, then you better think …Read More

Neucopia Review, The Launch Of Another 100% Commission Hype Program?

In this Neucopia review I will dig a bit deeper into this 100% commission program. Remember when Network Marketing VT launched and they claimed to be better than Empower Network? Well, apparently Neucopia is now better than both previously-named network marketing opportunities. The main question here is: is it really worth it to spend money on this program in order to grow as a business person and/or marketer? Let’s have …Read More

Uprize Review, Don’t Join Until You Know The Facts About Uprize

In this Uprize review, you will learn more about this network marketing company that combined network marketing and Forex (foreign exchange) into one concept. Uprize was founded by Glen Jensen, former Agel founder and CEO, in February 2012. The company has its headquarters in Utah, (USA) and offers people an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a successful foreign currency trader while promoting Forex as a business opportunity. …Read More

Nerium International Review, An Unbiased Review Of Nerium International

In this Nerium International review, you will be able to read an unbiased opinion regarding this network marketing company and its business opportunity and product. Nerium International was founded in August 2011 in Addison, Texas by Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor. Jeff Olson was the founder of The Peoples Network, author of The Slight Edge and is a well-known name in the network marketing world. There’s certainly a big chance …Read More

SevenPoint2 Review, How To Market Your SevenPoint2 Business Online

In this SevenPoint2 review, you will learn more about SevenPoint2 which is a network marketing company that launched on October 1 2011 by Jason Boreyko, Sam Adams and Howard Cohn. Jason Boreyko used to be the CEO and co-founder of New Vision International and is a well-known name in the field of direct selling. As a second generation network marketer and years of experience in the field (he was still …Read More