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SEO & Traffic Generation

On this page, you will learn more about SEO and traffic generation.

How To Rank Your Google Plus Links In The Google Search Engine

Whether you like it or not Google is still the most important internet marketing company in the world and can help you flourish (or simply destroy) your online business with one single action. If your business relies on Google search engine traffic, you’ll know what I mean. If you’re someone who follows the “work” of Matt Cutts and his friends, you’ll probably have seen how much Google changed its search …Read More

3 Reasons For Not Using Google Adwords

Yesterday I was trying to spend a $100 Google Adwords voucher, but almost immediately received a warning for breaking the Google Adwords Bridge Page policy. It had been a while since I last spent (read: lost money) on Google Adwords. I remember that the past 2 years Google has become very strict in just about every aspect of their business. I knew that they no longer accepted affiliate marketing websites, …Read More

How To Get YouTube Traffic Easily

Why Do You Want To Get YouTube Traffic? With the state of SEO right now, video marketing is undoubtedly a lot easier medium to generate traffic with. It’s free and works like a magnet on a refrigerator. Of course you shouldn’t just be doing video marketing because it sounds easy. It still takes thousands of video plays to get traffic to the site you’re linking to. As with every marketing …Read More

The Importance Of An Exact Matching Domain Name (Case Study)

Purchasing an exact matching domain name is probably the most logical step when you want to create a website, but at the same time the most overlooked one. Firstly, a domain name has to be easy to remember, so that potential customers find their way back easily. And secondly, search engines have to recognize your domain name as being important in relation to the product or service your website is …Read More

How To Generate Targeted Traffic For Your Website

To be honest, learning how to generate targeted traffic for your website has become quite confusing for a beginning internet marketer. During the early days of the internet’s existence it were mostly the early adopters who really knew how to optimize a website and drive targeted traffic to websites (and keep it). But at the end of the 1990’s internet giants like Google started to emerge. Their vision to become …Read More

Tips On How To Create A Squidoo Lens

In this blog post you’ll learn why link building is important for your website(s) and how to create a Squidoo lens. I’m using Squidoo here as an example because it’s most probably the blogging platform that adapts the best to the dynamic wishes of search engines like Google. Why Should You Create A Squidoo Lens There are many other free blogging platforms that can give your business the exposure that …Read More

What To Do After Building An E-Commerce Website

You have been building an e-commerce website and now that it’s ready to launch, it’s time to get your site off the ground. If you want your e-commerce website to become a sales machine, you will need to learn how to turn visitors into customers. What To Do After Building An E-Commerce Website So you have found your niche and are now looking for a supplier. You can go and …Read More

How To Find Content For Your Blog

Unless you have a well-known brand name website, like Amazon.com for instance, you will have to learn how to drive a lot of traffic to your website and therefore maybe also learn how to find content for your blog. I have already mentioned this many times before… but it’s a fact that many people who have a website don’t have a clue how to drive valuable traffic to it. And …Read More

Does Internet Article Marketing Still Work?

You arrived at this page because you’re probably wondering if internet article marketing still works for your online business. There are many misconceptions regarding how to do internet article marketing and also for me it was pretty confusing when I got started in online marketing. After reading this blog post, you’ll probably understand what the purpose of internet article marketing is and how to do it correctly. I’m always looking …Read More

Google Mostly Cares About The Amount Of Traffic On Your Website Now

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, maybe you will have read the previous blog post about search engine rankings and how Google algorithm changes can affect the amount of traffic on your website. Maybe you have also been asking yourself why Google no longer wants you to worry about improving your search engine ranking. Why would it benefit Google if people no longer spam the internet with thousands …Read More