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How To Write A Blog Post Like A Professional

If you have been following me since the end of 2010, you’ll know that I’m someone who is constantly improving his online marketing strategies and techniques. I’m not only perfectionistic when I write a blog post, but in just about everything in life. The fact is that you can only see improvements in what you’re doing if you’re actually always on top of it. If you want to be winning …Read More

Why You Need To Keep Adding Content To Your Website

I realized I haven’t written a new blog post for my personal blog in almost a month now. (I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks) So I decided to kind of remind myself by writing a quick overview of why I really had to post something today. Hence, this blog post “why you need to keep adding content to your website”. Why You Need To Keep Adding …Read More

How To Get YouTube Traffic Easily

Why Do You Want To Get YouTube Traffic? With the state of SEO right now, video marketing is undoubtedly a lot easier medium to generate traffic with. It’s free and works like a magnet on a refrigerator. Of course you shouldn’t just be doing video marketing because it sounds easy. It still takes thousands of video plays to get traffic to the site you’re linking to. As with every marketing …Read More

How To Design Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

If you want to make money from home, you simply can’t afford not to use internet marketing strategies. A strategy facilitates your success; however that doesn’t mean it will do the work for you. Let’s go through some examples of strategies that definitely don’t work first. It will teach you why designing successful internet marketing strategies is so important. 3 Internet Marketing Strategies That Are A Waste Of Time 1. …Read More

How To Make The Difference Online By Offering Incentives

Offering incentives has been a marketing strategy since the dawn of time. On the internet this strategy is even more important because potential customers have the opportunity to purchase wherever they want in just one click. This also means that you can take advantage over your competition by having a good online advertising strategy. In this blog post you’ll learn how you can make the difference online by offering incentives. …Read More

How To Create Great Sales Pitches

Why You Need To Learn How To Create Great Sales Pitches As a marketer one of the most important things you have to learn is how to great sales pitches. Whenever you write an ad, you need to write an attracting text that draws in customers or leads. We call this activity copy writing. The success of your online marketing campaigns will in many cases depend on the quality of …Read More

How To Create Profitable Online Marketing Campaigns

The Importance Of Creating Profitable Online Marketing Campaigns For every online business it’s important to create profitable online marketing campaigns. While multinationals are able to spend billions on advertising campaigns just for branding purposes, an online business solely relies on actual conversions created by online marketing campaigns. In this blog post I describe the main components of profitable online marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that there’s no magic bullet to …Read More

How To Create A Professional Website Yourself

Did you ever wonder if you can create a professional website by yourself and for only a few bucks a month? If so, then I want you to pay close attention to what I’m going to show you. It will blow your mind at how simple creating and managing your own website can be. In this blog post you’re going to discover how to create your own professional website and …Read More

The Importance Of An Exact Matching Domain Name (Case Study)

Purchasing an exact matching domain name is probably the most logical step when you want to create a website, but at the same time the most overlooked one. Firstly, a domain name has to be easy to remember, so that potential customers find their way back easily. And secondly, search engines have to recognize your domain name as being important in relation to the product or service your website is …Read More

How To Generate Targeted Traffic For Your Website

To be honest, learning how to generate targeted traffic for your website has become quite confusing for a beginning internet marketer. During the early days of the internet’s existence it were mostly the early adopters who really knew how to optimize a website and drive targeted traffic to websites (and keep it). But at the end of the 1990’s internet giants like Google started to emerge. Their vision to become …Read More