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Brain Abundance Strategy Training

In order to help everyone in our Brain Abundance Power Team, I decided to write a short strategy blog post. The Brain Abundance business opportunity is a very powerful opportunity when you learn how to promote it and take advantage of the compensation plan.

If you don’t know what Brain Abundance is, I suggest you to first read a full Brain Abundance review.

About Brain Abundance

Before you start promoting this business opportunity and its product Brain Fuel PLUS, you have to learn what this company is all about. It’s not necessary to learn every detail by heart. The most important thing is to understand that this product benefits everyone on the planet.

You can listen to this conference call and then share it with pre-enrollees and other people who are interested to learn more:


Where To Find Prospects For Brain Abundance And Brain Fuel PLUS?

Brain Fuel PLUS has 1 big advantage in comparision with many other mlm products: it benefits everyone who cares about their health! You can not say that you don’t know anyone to share this product with.

When it comes to promoting a product or home based business opportunity, you shouldn’t focus on marketing it to friends or family. There’s 7 billion people on the planet, so you have to find those who are interested in your product and the idea of making an additional income from home.

The best places to find these people are already in your social network or are connected to you in some kind of a way. So you will find new prospects on social network sites and forums (be active online and offer people support and training) for instance. Or it could be friends of friends… or people who are part of a health organisation or are profesionally active in the health industry.

Use The Brain Abundance Marketing System

If you listen the entire call above, you will hear Eric, the CEO, saying that he wanted to put a business opportunity together that works for everyone and a product that he can offer to his brother, parents and even grand parents. He succeeded in launching Brain Abundance which offers a great compensation plan, an amazing product and free marketing system with autoresponder.

The monthly autoship is only 50 BV (one product order of $59) while in many other businesses there are multiple products to chose from and the qualification requirement is sometimes over $200.

Brain Abundance offers you a free marketing system when upgrading to distributor. Your job is to drive traffic to the landing pages, get people to opt-in and upgrade their membership.

If you like to do business the old school way, you can still do home parties and go to health fairs for instance. But if you know how to do online marketing, you will want to take advantage of these powerful Brian Abundance marketing tools.

brain abundance

How To Build Your Binary Structure

In any type of business, you will want to focus on the Fast Start Bonuses. The Fast Start Bonuses in Brain Abundance are generous bonuses of $25 (on a one bottle order), $50 (3 bottle order) and $75 (6 bottle order). So if you for instance enroll 1 person who orders a six pack of Brain Fuel PLUS, you have made $75. Imagine if you enroll several people each week?

The most important commission follows in a natural way: the residual income. You need to keep 2 people active in your left (1) and right leg (1) to earn your Accelerated Binary Commissions. This bonus is extremely powerful; for a full understanding of how the compensation plan works, I suggest you to read the Brain Abundance review.

Accelerated Binary Commissions Strategy

A binary structure means that you have 2 legs: a left and a right leg. To be eligible to earn Accelerated Binary Commissions, you need to have 1 active personally enrolled member in your left leg and 1 in your right leg.

In the Brain Abundance compensation plan it’s possible that our Brain Abundance Power Team automatically places people below you in the structure. (we call this spillover) And you earn $20 of commissions for every 50 BV (1 bottle) order in your weakest leg. (but you need to have 2 active members) After you pre-enrolled you can check out the Leaderboard and the names of some of our Power Team.

So if you have one leg with spillover, you have to keep 1 personally enrolled person active in that leg and focus on the other leg. There’s a feature in your backoffice called “Rotator” that offers the option to put everyone who follows in 1 and the same leg.

brain abundance

I hope that this Brain Abundance strategy training overview gave you an idea of how this business opportunity works. If you’re interested in joining Brain Abundance and sharing our amazing product Brain Fuel PLUS, click here to take the free tour and upgrade before the cutoff date each Wednesday (midnight).