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Are You Guilty Of Marketing On Facebook Like A Spammer?

I’ve had plenty of discussions about what makes people a spammer when they are marketing on Facebook. Unfortunately some people don’t even know that they are spamming and why they aren’t having success with their marketing efforts on Facebook. There’s one fact that nobody can ignore: nobody like spam, so nobody likes spammers, people only join people they like, so spamming doesn’t work. There’s a better way.

Marketing On Facebook: What Exactly Is Spam?

BUT what exactly is spam? Sending people unsolicited links to other people or post an endless amount of websites links in Facebook Groups for instance, that’s certainly spam. BUT there are many more Facebook marketing strategies of which people believe that they will make them get noticed. Maybe we should define the term Facebook spam first.

Are you doing these kind of things when marketing on Facebook?

Are you constantly posting:

  • how great your company is?
  • how you have the most profitable compensation plan?
  • how you have the best product, better than anything else out there on the market?
  • how only pussies don’t join you?
  • how people who get in at the ground floor will make the most money?

If you’re doing one or more of the things mentioned above, you’re undermining your own credibility as a home based business professional. Some people will say that marketing on Facebook like this is not spamming, but you can’t ignore the fact that’s it’s annoying. I know people who have made it their habit to report these kind of messages on their newsfeed as spam.

We hear these messages every day, mostly coming from people who move from one home based business opportunity to another, while screaming at the top of their lungs how much better their new opportunity is. This smells like hype marketing and hype marketing on Facebook will not benefit your home based business. In this blog post I explain why you really shouldn’t go down that path if you want to be successful.

Then you also have the kind of people who post messages like these: “I am ready to help 3 more people become millionaires”. It makes me wonder if these people are REALLY READY. The truth is: you will never become a millionaire by posting these kind of messages on Facebook. Hopefully you already understood that. Maybe you will attract some people, but most of those who join you will have false expectations. Understand that people with false expectations of a home based business opportunity will probably always keep looking for something “better” and never give it their all.

Am I Marketing On Facebook Like A Spammer?

Ask yourself now: are things above working for you?

In my opinion: if it doesn’t work and is annoying people, you can categorize it as spam.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing your enthusiasm by posting stuff about your home based business. If you do it from time to time, nobody will feel bothered by it. But people are already more than enough confronted with (horrible) advertising and would rather not be exposed to it on their social network profiles. In this blog post I have enlisted the things that you shouldn’t do on Facebook if you want to attract motivated and future leaders.

It should be obvious by now that marketing on Facebook is about much more than just posting some statuses, pictures and links. There’s an etiquette that you must adhere to: interact with people by using the chat, engage yourself, post a valuable comment on people’s status…  Let me know which kind of things you do when you are marketing on Facebook and maybe we can exchange experiences and tips.

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