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4 Facebook Recruiting Tactics That Will Ruin Your Home Based Business

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s getting tired of the unprofessional Facebook recruiting tactics that are flooding the internet nowadays. With this blog post I also officially announce that all spammers (those who send me unsolicited links) will receive a personal “unfriending treatment” from me. If you deliberately spam me, you will get kicked out of my precious circle of friends. It’s annoying, unprofessional and doesn’t work as a Facebook recruiting tactic anyway. Let’s have a quick look at 4 Facebook recruiting tactics that will ruin your home based business. (if you apply them of course)

Don’t Apply These Facebook Recruiting Tactics

Facebook Recruiting Tactics 1: the professional spammers

  • Join me here and sign up for free: www.idonthaveacluewhatimdoing.com/onlinenewbie
  • Hey Jens, I noticed that we have similar friends, I wanted to reach out to you by sharing this amazing opportunity, it’s never been done before. I’m sure that you are more experienced than me and therefore you will recognize what a goldmine this opportunity is. Here’s the link: www.thisistheyouaremoreexperienced.com/doesntworkapproach
  • Hi, I’m a top earner in company x. My team and I have built the most successful team because we use the best recruiting strategy on the internet. If you are currently unhappy with the way things are going for you, just check us out on www.wearethebestintheindustryapproach.com/myteamisdoingbetter

Most of these spammers will never even say hi to you. Just imagine that you’re going out for a walk and a dude you have never met before, instantly tries to sell you a bible each time you step outside of your own house. rolleyes

Don’t send out mass messages to all of your friends because when someone responds to it, all your other friends will receive that response and you will look like an idiot. Never treat people like a number, simply because… they aren’t a number, they are real people. :shock:

Never send an “unsolicited link” to your Facebook friends: some marketers will tell you that marketing is a numbers game, but it’s just NOT when you are working a home based business on a limited advertising budget. How do you feel at a party with plenty of people and suddenly someone starts handing out flyers? That party seemed like just another occasion to try and recruit random people.

Facebook Recruiting Tactics 2: unprofessional profiles

People with an unprofessional profile are usually also active as spammers or hype-driven opportunity promoters. These are some general rules that you need to apply when updating your Facebook profile:

  • Don’t use an image of your kids, your dog or your dream car as profile picture. I never had a meaningful conversation with a dog before and probably never will have one. Make sure that people can recognize you and keep it professional (no bikinis or underwear please, there are other sites for that kind of stuff, but I’m not going to link to one in this blog post)
  • Don’t curse in your statuses. If you want to vent your feelings, you should keep your emotions at home and yell to your spouse or dog. Negativity breaks a business.
  • An empty “about you-section” is like a body without a soul. How do you expect people to connect with you if you’re not even sharing some personal information?

Facebook Recruiting Tactics 3: mass opportunity postings

Posting countless business opportunity links on your own wall is far from the smartest Facebook marketing strategy. Whether it’s just one business opportunity link or many different opportunity links (which is even MUCH WORSE), you will only turn people off because posting links every 5 minutes makes you look desperate. People in our home based business opportunity shouldn’t even feel the need to do this. They don’t need to recruit people to earn residual income, which gives them the advantage that they simply can never get desperate while promoting their business. At the end of the day, even if they don’t sign up people, they will have made money.

Facebook Recruiting Tactics 4: hype or bragging

Don’t use hype or brag about whatever you have (or haven’t) achieved, it doesn’t work. Even if it’s the most revolutionary business model ever created, you should just present people the facts. For sure, you can post positive messages about your business on your own Facebook wall every once in a while, but it doesn’t work as a Facebook recruiting tactic. (so it’s pointless)

Facebook Recruiting Tactics Conclusion

If you’re applying these 4 tactics, in due time you will realize that they simply don’t work. You will have wasted a lot of time and energy, and there’s also a chance that you have ruined your own credibility. Read this blog post to learn more about Facebook recruiting tactics that do work.

If you remember one of the unprofessional Facebook recruiting tactics that you were applying while not having any kind of success, feel free to post it in a comment and get rid of the “shame” forever.