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3 Reasons Why Hype Marketing Doesn’t Work

Are you tired of all the hype marketing? Well, I am. I’m tired to see people being treated like sheep who can’t think for themselves. I’m tired of people who advertise their business opportunities like sheep who can’t think for themselves. I’m tired of the sheep mentality in general, simply because we aren’t sheep, so treating people like sheep doesn’t work.

One Day You Will Find Out Why Hype Marketing Doesn’t Work

This may sound strange, but some hype marketers won’t even understand my arguments. The reason for this is because they will have to learn it the hard way. It’s like people who drink too much and the day after they have a tremendous headache. They tell themselves “never again”, but in the end it’s so easy to relapse… old habits die hard. It takes a real mind shift to make a change. However, I believe that everyone who has been seduced to use hype marketing in the past understands that there are better ways.

Here are 3 reasons why hype marketing doesn’t work:

1. Hype Marketing Is A Short-Term Strategy

The reason why something is being called hype is because of the short period in which it is popular. Popularity is often being described in the home based business industry as “momentum”. The more momentum you have, the more and the faster your business is growing. Hype marketing can create momentum for a very short period of time.

The problem that you can face while using hype marketing is that once the hype is over or people aren’t making money anymore, they will quit. Hype marketing mostly doesn’t attract people who are really serious about building a home based business.

2. Hype Marketing Attracts Opportunity Junkies

Hype marketers mostly join one hype (usually every pre-launch in the history of the home based business industry) after another and mostly don’t stuck around long enough to offer you the training and support that you deserve. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against multiple income streams, but I’m not a fan of people who join a business opportunity and don’t do the effort to teach others. There’s a huge difference between people who jump from A to B without ever building a team (opportunity junkies) and people who succeed in building at least one successful team.

3. Hype Marketing Is Mostly Being Used By Opportunity Bashers

People who use hype marketing will often bash other business opportunities for no reason at all. “Look, my home based business opportunity is better” is usually their motto and every business opportunity they join seem to be better than the previous one. Do hype marketers really think that people will quit the home based business opportunity that you are bashing and join you instead? I can’t believe that people can be so naive. Reality check: this isn’t about your opportunity, but about you.

Hype Marketing Works For…

Hype marketing only works when you’re trying to make a quick buck, for instance while selling internet marketing coaching products. But there are certain rules that you should follow: play on people’s emotions (create fear: if they don’t buy this product, they will never be successful), make your offer only available for a so-called short period of time, tell your potential customer that your offer is worth more than the actual price…

Hopefully you understood that I don’t recommend you to use hype marketing. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic, but using hype marketing is not the best method to build a home based business.