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3 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Online Marketing Newbies Make

Learn From Your Internet Marketing Mistakes

I have to admit that I have already made several internet marketing mistakes in my still short career. It are the mistakes that teach you what you shouldn’t be doing to make money online. So I’m approaching my 26th birthday now and have already been able to generate a huge income through the internet. Nonetheless, we need to keep learning how not to get caught in the spider web which the world wide web is. In this blog post I have enlisted 3 internet marketing mistakes that online marketing newbies make.

3 Internet Marketing Mistakes

1. Not having a marketing plan

Some people think that you need to be lucky to make money online. Just like in any other industry, you need to have a marketing plan and a vision if you want to achieve online success. People who just say “okay, let’s try this out” usually never make it to second base and then complain about the fact that it “doesn’t work”. Wrong: they don’t work, that’s a huge difference.

2. Not being able to sponsor people

Not being able to sponsor people is a problem for 95% of the people who are active in network marketing and therefore the main reason why mlm has such a high failure rate. The causes can differ from being lazy, not having a marketing strategy to simply not being realistic. I wouldn’t recommend someone to join an mlm opportunity if she or he is not willing to learn how to sponsor people. In this industry you are being paid based on how many people you can sponsor and how many those people can sponsor. If you’re not active in mlm, you probably won’t have this problem.

Although internet marketing will definitely increase your chance on home based business success, there are still people who never make it. I’ve enlisted three main reasons for internet marketing failure in this blog post.

3. Opportunity hopping

Multiple income streams are great, but if you’re not even able to generate residual income with one business opportunity, you are simply wasting your money on other opportunities.

Some people even join an opportunity, get started and then quit because they don’t understand how it works. Needless to say that these people show a lack of commitment and will never succeed. You can give them a Ferrari, but they will not do the effort to fill it with gas.

Some other opportunity hoppers are also very easy to follow on Facebook for example. They post a new deal every week and sometimes even spam their links around in cyberspace. The problem here is that people are following you online, so by posting a new deal every other week they know which opportunities you joined. Don’t expect that people will join all 20 business opportunities just because you are posting your links on Facebook.

It has also become very easy to join multiple programs these days. You can just do a google search for “home based business opportunities” or “making money online” and you’ll find thousands of different opportunities. Sadly enough, most of them aren’t designed to make the average Joe money. Opportunity hopping is definitely one of the worst internet marketing mistakes that you can make. This blog post will help you to avoid the “bad” opportunities.

Internet Marketing Mistakes Because Of Being Focused On Making Money

You should also realize that money is the worst motivator in the world. If money was a great motivator, almost everyone would join a home based business opportunity. People who work a home based business opportunity and do it right normally make more money in the long run than with their regular job. BUT it doesn’t (or better: people don’t) work that way!

If you believe that luck will be the decisive factor in your online success, you should take some time to read the following blog post. Maybe the advice in this blog post will help you to avoid the same internet marketing mistakes that way to make people make.

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